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How to read the wheel

The wheel or map is the basic structure that a horoscope is fitted into.  It is a 360º circle — […]

Discovery of Sedna

discovery of sedna We are assigning the asteroid Sedna the tentative keyword of Adventure based on its yod point in […]

Kodiak Earthquake Jan 2018

“In Kodiak, they’ve activated their sirens,” said Jeremy Zidek, of the Alaska Div. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “The […]

Boise Idaho: January 21 -27 2018

Sunday January 21, 2018 Venus contra-parallel Vulcanus 7:13PM EST, Jupiter parallel Astraea 7:39PM EST, Sun quincunx Transpluto 8:45PM EST   […]

Stormy Daniels, a new story

You can download Stormy Daniels Stormy Daniels was born on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and named Stephanie Clifford.  […]

Alan Leo’s optometrist

Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine, noting that the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlight […]

Kentucky school shooting

This shooting is very similar to the local Tunkhannock grocery market shooting — losers who want to make a splash […]

Roman Polanski

Download the chart of director Roman Polanski who was the husband at the time of actress Sharon Tate was murdered by […]

Gary Noel on Hitler and Jupiter

upiter and The Nazis by Gary Noel Astrological researcher and statistician Michel Gauquelin studied the birth charts of prominent Nazis […]

The Great Ellen Terry

Dame Terry has been rectified to a 26 Leo Ascendant, the same as the incredible Charlie Chaplin, Irish-American playwright Eugene […]