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Our itinerary

We use this list and draw our next stop via; here’s our itinerary.  The photo is from   […]

Sewing Mistress, Nancy Zieman

  Nancy Zieman, host of the public television show “Sewing With Nancy,” in 1988. CreditMilwaukee Journal Sentinel Nancy Zieman, who became […]

AC/DCs George Young

George Young, guitarist in the Sixties band the Easybeats and the co-producer on AC/DC’s first five albums, has died at […]

AC/DCs Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young, the guitarist and songwriter who helped found the Australian rock band AC/DC, died on Saturday. He was 64.    […]

Kentucky school shooting

This shooting is very similar to the local Tunkhannock grocery market shooting — losers who want to make a splash […]

Roman Polanski

Download the chart of director Roman Polanski who was the husband at the time of actress Sharon Tate was murdered by […]

Gary Noel on Hitler and Jupiter

upiter and The Nazis by Gary Noel Astrological researcher and statistician Michel Gauquelin studied the birth charts of prominent Nazis […]

The Great Ellen Terry

Dame Terry has been rectified to a 26 Leo Ascendant, the same as the incredible Charlie Chaplin, Irish-American playwright Eugene […]