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The Daily in Honolulu 11-28-2017

We have landed in Hawaii. Aloha. Bowls are an interesting pattern:   they are moved more by external factors in their environments than the internal factors within their sphere and so […]

Our itinerary

We use this list and draw our next stop via; here’s our itinerary.  The photo is from    

Thanksgiving at Bismarck ND

We are in North Dakota this week and on the 21st we start out from Bismarck, North Dakota. In those parts a bismark refers to a round doughnut filled cream […]

The Daily in Killington 11-10-17

Today it’s the Tenth of November and the Rime and Reason trails at Killington are OPEN. The air temperature is around 32 Fahrenheit, just at freezing and the snow base […]

The Daily in Burlington, VT 11-8-17

Solar Fire brings us this chart today from Burlington, Vermont.  The population center of the state is Roxbury that is just outside of the capitol, Montpelier.  The daytime temperature today […]

The Daily in Charleston SC 11-05-17

Today is the end of Summer time. It’s unofficially winter and the days will darken from here on until the solstice next month.  Our header picture is from Charleston where […]

Friday the 13th in Taos

Taos, New Mexico.  The weather is bright and sunny, far different than cloudy and windy Buffalo, so I am glad for this trip to the southwest. I have been busy, […]

Columbus Day 2017, Ashland Oregon

Today October 12th is the original celebration of the Founding of America, but an act of Congress changed it to one of the Monday Holidays and now it is celebrated, […]

The Daily in Coos Bay 101017

We find ourselves in picturesque Coos Bay, Oregon. I have been there, and it really as picturesque as our featured images.  It is also home of legendary long distance runner, […]

The Daily in Portland, Oregon 10-02-17

This week we arrive in  Oregon travelling 2600 miles from Gulfport, Mississippi. For me,  this takes on a rather amusing personal aspect, as my friend, Basketball Coach Mike Phelps, just […]

The Daily in Gulfport Louisiana 9-29-17

Because of the active volcano eruptions after the eclipse, we decided to add in the TransNeptunians to the chart. Unfortunately WinStar does not list their name and glyph, just their […]

The Daily 9-26-2017 Oxford MS

Our symbol for Tuesday September 26, 2017 is Aquarius 01 degree or an old adobe mission. Today though we are set in Oxford, a bit north of the capitol and […]

The Daily 9-20-2017 Des Moines

First let me start off with an apology for Monday’s note. It was gibberish but I have since rewritten it.  Now onto today which I had lots of problems sending […]

The Daily in Sioux City 9-18-17

We got Iowa today as our destination.  Our featured image is from Sioux City’s commenoration to the Lewis and Clark expedition going through there in 1802. The symbol 17 Scorpio,  […]