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Category: Astronomy

This week in Richmond, VA – 4/8-15 2018

Sunday April 8, 2018 2:32AM EDT Venus Sextile Transiting Kronos, Third Quarter 3:17AM EDT at 18°Cap24′, Chiron trine Vulcanus 11:58AM EDT, Sun opposes Zeus 8:47PM EDT and contra-parallel Zeus 9:10PM EDT   Monday April 9, […]

Today, March 24, 2018 – Hinsdale, NH

There is no asteroid at Sagittarius 13 that makes the point focus, but at the Gemini position, there is Aesculpius, suggesting health concerns.  If instead we add in the various […]

This week in Concord, NH – 3/18 -3/25 2018

download this week chart: march 19 2018 Sunday March 18, 2018 Venus square Black Moon 10AM EDT, Mars enters tropical Capricorn 5:01PM EDT, Sun conjunct Chiron 7:14PM EDT,       (rivals appear) […]

New Jersey and You……this week March 11-17 2018

Sunday March 11, 2018 Mercury square Saturn 2AM EDT, Mars trine Uranus 7:22AM EDT,                  *busier than you thought Sun sextile Pluto 7:56AM EDT, Venus square Hades 12:53PM EDT Monday March […]

Is Polaris always North?

If always means in our lives, the answer yes.  If always means throughout all of time no.  How it Works explains that “precession”  is the reason it has not always, nor […]

This week March 4-10 2018 in Topeka Kansas

Sunday March 4, 2018 Sun conjunct Neptune 8:53AM EST, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:04PM EST, Mercury conjunct Chiron 4:24PM EST, Venus parallel Eris 5:06PM EST and conjunct Chiron 5:59PM EST, Venus […]

This week in Salt Lake City 2-27-2018

Sunday February 25, 2018 Mercury trine Poseidon 3:35AM EST and parallel Zeus 6:01AM EST, Venus square Mars 7:01AM EST, Mercury sextile Pallas 7:22AM EST and conjunct Neptune 7:25AM EST, Neptune […]

Today 2-21-18 in Hurdle Mills, NC

We have stellium of Pisces in the Sixth House in the Bowl corresponding  to the laboring classes and volunteers  and so rules employment, unemployment and wage conditions.  With the Part […]

This week in Columbus, OH – 2/18-2/25 2018

Sunday February 18, 2018 Sun square Admetos 1AM EST, and sextile Cupido 1:45AM EST, Uranus sextile Hygeia 5:02AM EST, Sun quincunx Vulcanus 7:48AM EST, Venus contra-parallel Uranus 8:48AM EST, Sun […]

Pluto Confirmed Sighting- 2-18-1930

Pluto was sighted in the Sixth house by Clyde Tombaugh in Tempe Arizona on February 18, 1930 at 5:30 AM giving it the ascendant of 27 Capricorn that the planet […]

This week in Raleigh, NC 2-11-2018

    Sunday February 11, 2018 Sun sextile Eris 10:38AM EST, Sun conjunct asteroid Hygeia 12:13PM EST, Mercury parallel Jupiter 2:10PM EST, Venus parallel Apollon 6:44PM EST, Mars quincunx Kronos […]

Birmingham Alabama – week of Feb 4-10 2018

Astro-Stats of the week: Sunday February 4, 2018 Venus square Jupiter 1:06AM EST, Mercury parallel Mars 2:45AM EST and quincunx Hades 4:05AM EST, Venus parallel Astraea 4:30PM EST Monday February […]

Discovery of Sedna

discovery of sedna We are assigning the asteroid Sedna the tentative keyword of Adventure based on its yod point in the Fifth house and its preponderance of Sagittarian planets found […]