About Us

Several Dromenonians make up Sabian Earth.

14292395_1794964964106092_2131146087586557629_n1.jpgFirst is Mo Saladin.  He is our Technical Editor / Advisor.  Mo reviews the articles for astrological mistakes, oversights & sometimes even typos.  and rectifies every chart where the birth time is unknown. He resides in the Empire State

His real love is rectifying charts where the birth time is unknown. He resides in the Empire State

gene copy1

Then there is our Mundane Astrologer, Eugene Johnson.  Gene brings his talents to the site by giving people his astrological take on what is going on in the world at large. He resides in the Lone Star State.


Finally, there is me, Suki Lussos.  I am the general editor of both the Newsletter and website using both Grammarly &  TextAloud, recommended by another Dromenonian, Dan Reynolds.  They both help a lot and I cannot thank Dan enough for his recommendation.

I write the Natal Reports for the most part, though I dip into the Mundane Event world when I want to give “another view.” I reside in the Keystone State.

We are always looking for new nativities.  If would like to submit one, either in the news or personal,  please send as much of the birth data as known to sabianEarth@x-oz..com with the subject line WEB REQUEST.

Anonymity is guaranteed as we change the subjects names when they are not a celebrity.

If you would like to make a PayPal donation by becoming an Associate Member to Dromenon and help offset our costs, click here.

Thanks ever so much.  Team Dromenon


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