Who are We?

Sabian Earth is what we do as part of Dromenon.   The Labryinth, a form of mandala, was created in Ancient Greece and called a “Dromenon,”  or the “thing done,” or the “action complete” by several people — an important key.

The first labryinth was the one created in Cretan that housed the  Minotaur, and Theseus of Athens slew after wending his way through it with the aid of Ariadne and her spool of thread.

Another famous labryinth is at the great Cathedral of Chartres that dates from sometime between the fire of 1194 and 1220 when it was rebuilt by Bishop Fulbert.

There are two modern labryinths at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California that are open to the public.  We add our wordpress labryinth Sabian Earth to that mix, in the hope that  our tags and categories will be like Ariadne’s thread and help you find your way to your goal.  If not let us know.

14292395_1794964964106092_2131146087586557629_n1.jpg      The particulars of Sabian Earth

First is Mo Saladin. He does the daily report and copy edits. He lives in the Empire State and has a successful acupunture practice there.



gene copy1

Then there is our Mundane Astrologer, Eugene Johnson who brings his special view of the world and America fits within it.  He lives in the Lone Star State…and was not affected by Hurricane Harvey.





Next is Penney L. Rydman a copy editor, whois  helping us with  our publication.  She lives in the Wolverine State.



Finally, there is me, Suki   I write the Natal Reports  and occasionally doing the Dailies.  I also do must of the tagging.   I reside in the Keystone Commonwealth.





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