A bit on Planetary Hours

In calculating the planetary hours for Sunday, for example, first you look up the time of Sunrise in the newspaper. Then you designate the first hour to the Sun, the ruler of Sundays. The rest of the hours follow a set sequence – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. Historically a planetary hour is one hour long.

Today happens to be Wednesday, this makes the first hour ruler of the day, at sunrise, Mercury, the Second is the Moon and so on. When you reach the end of the sequence, start over with the Sun. In this way, it is simple to make a hora table for any day. So if sunrise is 6:33 then each planetary hour starts at thirty-three past the clock hour. Look up your sunrise at www.timeanddate.com   When sunset occurs, this resets your planetary hour to that new minute i.e:  my sunset is at 8:01 so at night about a half hour after the start of the last planetary hour, the next one kicks in, so that may explain why you feel “rushed” at the end of beginning of the day.

The order of the planets is with the first planet for each day is the ruler of the day. Sunday – Sun, Monday – Moon, Tuesday – Mars, Wednesday – Mercury, Thursday – Jupiter, Friday – Venus, Saturday – Saturn.

Once you know your start time, then fill in the hours by rotating around the Hellenistic rulers. Begin important activities during the hour of a planet that supports the particular type of activity you are planning. Here is a general list of planets and the types of activities they represent:

  1. Sun – career, health, sports, government, authority figures.
  2. Moon – public relations, family, domestic, mother, personal needs, social life.
  3. Mercury – communications, mental work, education, information, errands, clerical work, presentations, business.
  4. Venus – romance, emotion, social life, family, sensory experience, the arts, entertainment.
  5. Mars – physical activity, competition, sports, brothers.
  6. Jupiter – financial, philosophical, religious, travel, education, children.
  7. Saturn – organizing, business, house cleaning, paying bills, taking care of responsibilities.

Generally, . Saturn’s hour can bring delays, obstacles and pressures, but may also be a great time for doing business. Mars sometimes brings arguments or harshness, but may also bring good ambitious energy so these two rulers have more drawbacks than Venus and Jupiter, which are usually favorable for most activities.

Every person responds differently to a planetary hour based on their natal horoscope. Nevertheless, through experiment, it is possible to get a sense of your own particular response pattern.   This can become an interesting  way to approach each day astrologically.

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