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Astrologer Ruth Gerry

Ruth Gerry was a spectacular astrologer. She born on September 17, 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts and was descended from the original Mayflower party in 1622.  She married Edward Gerry who was head of the Willimantic Orchestra and a talented composer; they had no children.


Mrs. Ruth E. Gerry’s chart  data is from

Before she met Marc Edmund Jones of the Sabian Assembly, she was a member of the Theosophical Society in Boston where she met  Isabel Hickey and probably knew fellow Bostonian Evangeline Adams.  They worked together for a while but eventually parted ways when she heard of Jones’ work in 1941 and stayed there until her death in 1981.

She founded the Astrological Society of Connecticut on the same day that Jones had founded the Sabian Assembly forty years years – October 17. Many people are appreciative of her work and skills among them Alphee Lavoie of and our own Joel Anthony.  She worked heavily on the idea of Dynamic Aptitude (the closest square or opposition) in one’s chart that we often highlight but her real work was in the field of financial astrology and work with mentally handicapped.

Her temperament type is a Southern based bowl with a very strong preponderance of planets in her sixth house of work and labour.  Within there is Jupiter the lord of Sagittarius highlighting her professional travel for lectures, that she either attended or gave.  She was a marvellous and generous teacher.


She died in 1981 collapsing from a heart attack while giving a lecture.


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