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#251 Marion Davies sans Hearst

Marion Davies was born Marion Cecilia Douras on January 3, 1897, in what had recently become the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. She passed on September 22, 1961 in Los Angeles, California of cancer. She was an American actress unfortunately well renowned more for her 34-year relationship with publishing giant William Randolph Hearst  (grandfather of kidnap victim, Patty Hearst) and to a lesser extent,  her talent on-screen. She was actually a good actress but it got marred by the more than 7 million dollars Hearst spent promoting Davies’s career.

Her father, Bernard J. Douras, was a lawyer and later a New York City magistrate from 1918 to 1930. She had three older sisters—Reine, Ethel, and Rose who also became actors. At age 13, Davies made her Broadway debut as a chorus girl in The Blue Bird, and she continued to appear in shows until 1917, when at twenty, 54-year-old publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst noticed her in the chorus line of The Ziegfeld Follies. Despite being a married man, he and Davies began a relationship that lasted until his death in 1951 when finally Davies married Horace G. Brown, a sea captain.


marion davies.png

                          Mapping Marion


Miss Davies is a fanhandle temperament type.  We have rectified her birth time from the “unknown” of the Jones 1000, to 8:20 AM giving her a 29 Capricorn Ascendant, and Aquarius in the first house where her Venus lies. This setup puts Saturn & Uranus in the tenth house near the mid-heaven showing her great luck and financial prowess in real estate, thanks to the Hearts bounty.  It also highlights her love of personal freedom resentment of marital ties (she tried to divorce Captain Brown twice but failed) and desire for a bohemian lifestyle.

Jupiter in the seventh house shows her many paramours , including Dick Powell, ten years her junior, during her Hearst years — he too wanted to marry her but Ms. Davies would not give her free lifestyle up, so he rebounded to Joan Blondell.  The Jovian placement also highlights her good fortune in relationships giving her favorable opportunities, particularly as it is in an angular house and trine her sun.


Young Hearst, notice that his daughter inherited his long oval face and aquiline nose.

The Sun and Moon both in the eleventh house, depict her popularity as well as her ability to attract relationships that allow her to personally flourish.


Captain Brown, Miss Davies, Patricia Lake and husband Arthur c. 1953

Rectifying Captain Brown is a bit trickier, so little is known about him, so we took the safe approach and put Neptune in his seventh house of opportunities and Jupiter in the sixth for the numerous ships he must have captained.   This gives him an Ascendant of 15 Sagittarius that purportedly gives one an “opportunistic” personality that utilizes the talents of others to his advantage.  That does seem to fit both his married to Ms. Davies, whom he outlived, and a seafaring career.

Below his chart is the synastry between him and Ms. Davies that accurately shows the tension in their marital life, as he must have clamped down on her peccadilloes and as the sixth house shows meet with her ire.

horace g brown.pnghorace and marion.png

In 1985, when  Patricia Van Cleve Lake, a woman who thought to have been Davies’s niece through her sister Rose, Lake’s family revealed, by her deathbed request, that Patricia was in fact the only child of Davies and Hearst.  Mrs. Lake died at Rancho Mirage, the Hearst mansion.  She was born in Paris, France on June 18, 1923 and we rectified her to 16 Libra giving her father, Saturn, a placement in the hidden twelfth house but also depicting his association with large manufacturing i.e. publishing and real estate.

Mrs. Lake is a bucket with an Uranian handle in her fifth house of speculation and entertainment next to her Dragon’s tail that shows how much of that life was eclipsed by its circumstances.

2018-04-05 (6).png2018-04-05 (5).png


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