Al Franken is a big fat slob*

The Franken chart is unrectified but as shown on the public sites. It works for me and it seems, him too.

                                                                       from Humble Beginnings

Alan Stuart Franken  was born on May 21, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York. His father Joseph Franken, was a printing salesman of German Jewish background while his mother Phoebe Franken (nee Kunst), a real estate agent, from Russian Jewish extraction. He was raised Reformed Jewish and attended Harvard College, majoring in political science, and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in 1973. His older brother Owen is a photojournalist, and his cousin Bob is a journalist for MSNBC.

al franken

I drew on the chart his “Grand Trine” which is out of modality i.e. the sun and Saturn are both in mutable signs but the third leg is in a fixed one, Aquarius, that is also the Lord of Saturn in the Eleventh. Instead of a planet we get the asteroid Pallas, which is all about calculating one’s advantage and here in a common trine, would seem about him calculating his advantage with and over people, partnerships and opportunities. (The Sun is partile to Mars at 1 degree of Gemini in the seventh house).

Definition of partile

obsolete : partial

  1.  partile not a total eclipse
  2. 2 : exact to the same degree and minute or to the same degree used of an astrological aspect– from Merriam Websters Dictionary online

His Saturn is found in its natural house, the eleventh and makes the next trine to Pallas in Aquarius. If asteroids had lords, or natural proclivities, Pallas Athene would be Aquarius, though typically it is said to be variations of the Virgo (also Pallas as she was the Virgo of the Greek Pantheon). This trine works well for understanding what was once called Senator Franken (he resigned January 2 2018 in the Harveygate scandal) and was the great hope of the 2020 Democratic Presidential cycle.

                  Making up the Grand Trine

Pluto, in Leo, is directly opposite Ceres in the tenth house cusp, highlighting his need to nurture and care for his social appearance but that makes sense as he insulted the woman who came forth about his attempted sexual peccadilloes, and denied it all. He never issued an apology but as Michael Moore said, “bravely fell on his sword” to get President Trump (that did not happen, but our gal Stormy Daniels is certainly booking on the rumour).

Pluto is the higher octave of Mercury transmuting the personal ability of using what is about into the social construct. Mercury,  rules Virgo and Gemini where his Sun is found and is part of the Grand Trine and so pulls Pluto & Ceres into the scenario that he created in his desire for social prestige and power.

He has few conjunction and at least two major oppositions, so Franken is a SPLASH temperament type, something we have found in many Hollywood Stars, where using others to get ahead is the norm.


As Grandmaster Flash sings, “down at the peepshow watching all the creeps”, now you can just turn on the boob tube, and elect them to Congress.9780440508649

*The title is a takeoff on his book published 25 years ago.


2 Replies to “Al Franken is a big fat slob*”

  1. I don’t think Al Franken is as bad as some…he didn’t pursue women while in the Senate. If we kick out every man who ever messed around with a girl, we will have nobody left.


  2. OK, so since Clinton did in the White House does that work? Or if Trump did before the White House would you throw him out? Seems to me that this is a sliding scale for those you may like and those you do not. I don’t know what Franken did in the Congress — Nancy Pelosi has a slush fund to hush that up, so he could have.


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