Searching for Isabel M Hickey — whomever she is

Isabel Hickey was born on August 19, 1903 at 12:25 PM in Brookline, Massachusetts, the same town that President John F. Kennedy would be born in thirteen years later. Based on the records of the Brookline Historical Society, it had been a ne-er do town for some time complete with the trappings of a country club.

Another notable connection, is that the President’s grandmother was Mary Augusta Hickey.  Beyond that genealogical research has proven a dead end including information about her burial, but that did not stop us.  We continued on and discovered that Mrs. Hickey was quite the social climber and most of what we originally wrote, garnered from online sites, was wrong.  So the question becomes, who was Isabel M Hickey? And by the way, wwe never did find out what the M stood for.

What we did find out was that Mrs.  Hickey  is that she wrote several astrology books, including her most famous one  “Astrology a Cosmic Science” where she gives personal keywords for the planets, putting her solidly in the “Modernist Camp.”

download the popular but wrong Mrs. Hickey’s chart 

isabel hickey.png

But the original Splash temperament type, with her Grand Trine highlighted in red in the chart above gets changed to a scooping bowl with the scoop in the seventh house made of Mars, Neptune, the Moon and Pluto showing how she learned about people the hard way — through the school of hard knocks i.e. experience.

The original chart , the yod highlighted in green with its midpoint head at the TransNeptunian planet Cupido at 21 Cancer, was problematic and bit too trite, and  the more we studied this chart, the more it told us it was “contrived.”

cupido isabel wheel.png
The green arrow points to Miss Hickey’s Cupido the activating point of her yod.

We decided it was time to find some confirmation of Mrs. Hickey beyond the publication of her books.

isabel's cupido dial.png
Cupido on the Dial.

Ruth Gerry of the Sabian Assembly, knew Isabel well studying with her at the Theosophical Institute in Boston.  Ruth felt that Isabel was the ultimate wet blanket on life, and found her depressing.   That does not fit with the original chart either or with her very positive and uplifting astrological keywords and using Marth Westcott-Lang’s keywords for the Uranians we found it hard to believe that this was a woman born with a silver spoon (Cupido eighth house) in her mouth.

Through a lot of census data, and false lead,  we finally hit some facts and figures that were both mind blowing and boggling.  We then changed her birth year to 1901, deciding that the date was right,  and rectified it against known facts.  We got the chart below giving her an ascendant of 22.18 Scorpio that nails her to a tee, if only for her early bad marital luck.

the rectified isabel hickey
the rectified isabel hickey

This creates a new yod, using Cupido again but in the sixth house, the Galactic Center and Mars in the eleventh house, all because they are the closest aspects in her chart.  Now we see a woman who was not “lucky” but who created her fortune because of her  willful desire to succeed.  The new yod, makes the activating point in her chart,. her strong ascendant in the twelfth house, that she truly tried to obscure from the public.

In short, was she born in Brookline? No.  She was born, though we doubt it, in Cambridge, Massachusetts  to a pair of English-Canadians — but that is on record so we will use it.  Did she grow up in Brookline?  No.  She has no connection whatsoever to the Kennedy’s other than being Roman Catholic and buying a house in the 1950’s in Brookline near them.  She did not come from a ne-er to do family but as Cupido shows us now in the sixth,. worked hard to get ahead a lesson she learned from her parents, to whom she was very close. Isabel was an only child.  She had three children,  the first, a girl, was  born in July 1917 just before the Spanish Flu epidemic, and unfortunately died.  Her next marriage to  Kieran Hickey, a sailor who hailed from Ireland, was more successful and she had a girl, named for her mother,  and boy.

As for her obituary, we are still looking for that.


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