the Founding of the NRA

According to ISAR, the National Rifle Association was founded on November 16, 1871 around 10 am in Fairfax VA. This is unrectified as I have yet to confirm any of this but it is interesting if the date and time are true.

The chart has all the elements within but the Earth is definitely predominant, making it a practical hands-on organization.  It’s part of spirit or daemon (11 Scorpio) is opposite what would be Pluto (19 Taurus) and makes a Cosmic Cross  it’s Moon (19 Capricorn) and then Jupiter (30 Cancer)   This setup suggests that its raison d’etre was building an organization that would foster young people in the proper administration of fire arms.

The Cosmic Cross is the problem here, and since Jupiter and the Moon are involved, tells us that others had a “suspicious” view of the group, and by the time Pluto was discovered in the Depression of the 1930’s there was a push-pull among Americans of whether such an institution was necessary.

Venus in the Ninth House of education tells us that their educational thrust was always part of the plan, but it has a sextile to the Jupiter-Moon opposition and falls into that trap of educating for what by whom, while the square in the twelfth house to Saturn & Mars (that are exact in this chart) remind us that there will always be loyalists who support their cause, no matter which way the Dragon’s Tail blows (23 Sagittarius in the eleventh house).


NRA Founding.pdf


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