This week in Columbus, OH – 2/18-2/25 2018

Sunday February 18, 2018 Sun square Admetos 1AM EST, and sextile Cupido 1:45AM EST, Uranus sextile Hygeia 5:02AM EST, Sun quincunx Vulcanus 7:48AM EST, Venus contra-parallel Uranus 8:48AM EST, Sun enters tropical Pisces 12:24PM EST, Venus trine Kronos 6:48PM EST, Mars sextile South Node 7:41PM EST, Mercury opposes Transpluto 10:04PM EST

Monday February 19, 2018 Mercury parallel Apollon 6:47AM EST and trine Apollon 9:03AM EST, Jupiter square Astraea 9:49AM EST, Venus sextile Pallas 4:12PM EST, Sun parallel Hygeia 5:56PM EST, Venus sextile Black Moon 10:05PM EST and parallel Juno 11:28PM EST

Tuesday February 20, 2018 Sun contra-parallel Transpluto 4:46AM EST and opposes Transpluto 5AM EST

Wednesday February 21, 2018 Sun trine Apollon 1:06AM EST, Mercury trine Hades 5:07AM EST, Mercury parallel Hygeia 9:14AM EST, Venus trine Poseidon 10:47AM EST and conjunct Neptune 1:41PM EST, Mercury sextile Saturn 3:23PM EST and quincunx Ceres 6:12PM EST, Venus parallel Zeus 6:19PM EST

Thursday February 22, 2018 Mars contra-parallel Hades 2:59AM EST, Sun parallel Mercury 6:45AM EST, Saturn quincunx Ceres 2:15PM EST, Mars parallel Saturn 2:47PM EST, Venus parallel Neptune 2:51PM EST

Friday February 23, 2018 Mercury contra-parallel Uranus 3:44AM EST and trine Kronos 8:54AM EST, Jupiter quincunx Eris 9:47AM EST

Saturday February 24, 2018 Sun contra-parallel Uranus 3:01AM EST and trine Hades 9:46AM EST, Mercury sextile Black Moon 9:47AM EST, Sun quincunx Ceres 10:15PM EST, Mercury parallel Juno 10:32PM EST

Sunday February 25, 2018 Mercury trine Poseidon 3:35AM EST and parallel Zeus 6:01AM EST, Venus square Mars 7:01AM EST, Mercury sextile Pallas 7:22AM EST and conjunct Neptune 7:25AM EST, Neptune sextile Pallas 7:35AM EST, Venus square Vesta 8AM EST, Mars conjunct Vesta 11:13AM EST, Astraea enters sidereal Aquarius 12:11PM EST, Sun sextile Saturn 12:45PM EST, Mercury parallel Neptune 6:53PM EST


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