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Marc Jones – Point 13, Venus

point 13 Venus.pngPoint 13.  Venus — the finishing.

Venus is money, or how you finish things. It is also how you know when you are finished or when it is over or complete. Money is one symbol of that end or finishing; aesthetic things like art, and personal values are other aspects of the finished side of life.

In TR’s chart, we find Venus is in the sign of administration (Sagittarius), the house of large insitutions (the twelfth) and the degree of discretion. The symbol (Sagittarius 18) reads: “Little children are playing upon the sultry beach, but each is protected from the glare by a tiny sunbonnet.”  (Our header image is of Sunbonnet Sue, the famous American quilt pattern.  Read more about it’s history here.)

Here is a dramatization of the free latitude given every soul to manage its own manifestation; or the equipment of all life with its own power of protection. Teddy’s end idea was always to create better administration for the protection of America’s assets whether it was its people, heritage or land and this as at the root of his conscious social doctrine exemplified here.


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