Marc Jones – Point 12, The Obligation of Neptune

teddy roosevelt porphyry.png

                                   N o . 1 2  — Neptune

Neptune is the planet of the general obligation to life. In Teddy’s chart it is in the house of resources (second) and the sign of poetical appreciation (Pisces), in the degree of phenomena (Pisces 23), symbolized by a spiritist medium. This is also remarkable as Neptune is the modern co-ruler of Pisces giving it especial emphasis and dignity. (see tge green triangle above).

To me, Neptune is the the most important of the modern planets as it is the symbol of the human organism;s prophetic and gives tangible evidence of the superior-to-physical nature of man. Theodore Roosevelt was keenly aware of this inner import by being able to pick up the subtle energies of whatever went on in his environment that usually are ignored by lesse developed men. This enlightenment made him obligated to use it for the “greater societal advantage.”

allan kardec.png
Allan Kardec

Spiritism is from Allan Kardec, the pseudonym of Hippolyte Leon Denizard de Rival, a Lyon born French educator who codified the philosophy after studying a series of seemingly unexplained phenomena i.e. the “turning-tables” phenomena of 1850’s Paris. Kardec concluded they came from a previous intelligences who wished to communicate; he called these voices “spirits.”

Kardec and others communicated with the Spirits for years and they ” pierced the veil” between the world of the living and that of the spirits, gaining knowledge about God, the hereafter and divine justice, free-will, reincarnation publishing “The Spirits’ Book” in 1857. This book and the other four he penned, were widely read at the time and inspired Eliphas Levi and the Golden Dawn of London and then Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy philosophy.


  1. The five books of Allan Kardec and more information about can be found here.



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