The AgBox of Sonny Perdue

35287530266_14d3acd877_z.jpgDownload Sonny Perdue’s Chart

Sonny Perdue, no relation to Frank and his chickens, is the United States Secretary of Agriculture since 2017 and grew up in  a farming family in Bonaire, Georgia. He is an  agribusinessman, veterinarian, state legislator, and former governor of Georgia; Sonny has been around and has been going around 30 farm states since his confirmation to hear what farmers have to say.

“People believe that folks in Washington D.C. had stopped listening to rural America over the years,” Perdue said of those who came out to his town hall meetings.

“In fields, dairy barns, machine sheds and front yards, thousands of people turned out for town hall meetings to express their frustrations and offer suggestions.”

He is in the news today because of his idea of an AgBox, similar to the 1970’s handouts of cheese, milk and butter to food stamp recipients, this would be  a package of “nutritious, 100-percent U.S. grown and produced food” containing nonperishable items such as shelf-stable milk, cereal, peanut butter, canned meat, fruits and vegetables.  The boxes would replace half of those recipients’ monthly benefits.  How this would be implemented is still under discussion.

                                                                The appeal of Sonny

We coloured the empty half of Mr. Perdue’s chart so one can clearly see the cutting of Mars in the ninth house of Sagittarius to the third house of Uranus in Gemini — making his chart a rimmed bowl with an opposition of the Sun (  in a transition of light to Mars ) to Uranus.  This is a powerful combination and suggests that farming and foremost the farmers themselves — these are in common houses — is his primary concern and creating unique methods to solve their problems is his focus.

As Perdue is a bowl he has no hidden yod in his chart, but the opposition does have a T-Square at the point focus of Neptune  in the sixth house of labour in the house of creative regeneration at 11 Libra.  This degree gives his social obligation the Hyperion symbol of a “tall Hasidic Jews praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusaleum.”   It is a striking image, and Mr. McClung writes that this is vestige of “traditional and long standing ways of paying respect” to “one’s heritage and beliefs” by striving for its unity in one’s life.

giacomo vallone.jpg
image from photographer Giacomo Vallone

This image and degree fits well with Mr. Perdue’s life and tenure as AgSecretary.  We rectified his chart for an ascendant at 19 Aries , in opposition to Neptune, adds the flavour of “a portrait of octogenarian” highlighting that Mr. Perdue from all his years and travels in the Agriculture sector, can give a lot of that education and training back to “the offspring and future generations” for “posterity.”  E.C. Matthews agreeing with his Western biased bowl calls this degree “resourceful.”



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