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Marc Jones – Point 5, Mental Chemistry

 N o . 5  Mental Chemistry


One’s mental connection is shown by the moon’s mean motion and Mercury’s position with regard to the sun. If you check the  ephemeris for October 27, 1858, the moon is moving at 14° 18′. Knowing the average daily motion of the moon is 13° 10′ we can determine in Teddy’s case the moon is fast – it is travelling faster than average.

Th next thing is whether Mercury is clockwise from the sun,  or counter-clockwise. In Roosevelt’s case Mercury is ahead of the sun and so is going faster  than the normal as typically Mercury follows the golden orb.  This means that both the Moon and Mercury are goin fast, giving him an abrupt mental chemistry  well represented by the young lady who explained that she “got all her exercise by jumping at conclusions.” Roosevelt too was always stumbling over his own toes, his mind six leaps ahead of itself. Fortunately for American history, he made use of this   rather than allowing it to defeat him.

When the moon’s daily motion is swift, the faculties of the perception are quick rather than certain and if Mercury rises ahead of the sun, the mind is eager rather than deliberate. Combing these two elements makes for a hair-trigger mentality — he does not wait to decide, he acts upon the situation and goes.  This though should not be construed as a statement of intelligence, but instead is a comment about how a person reacts to information at hand.  I say this because to my way of thinking, everyone is basically intelligent because it is part of the functioning of self of Mercury.

Applying this to Teddy Roosevelt, we see that Mercury is in the house of the higher mind, and the sign of the creative-ability.  Reading the Sabian symbol for Scorpio 03  we get “In pioneer days, all the neighbors gather to aid in a happy house-raising” giving us the keyword of “alliance” Teddy Roosevelt

This symbol, house and sign stress  the constructive factors in human society, and the desire of men to share experience. Remember, in an earlier period of this country’s history, houses were not built as they are today by contractors and teams of men.  People lived far apart and in desolate areas so  a man would get everything ready, and then the neighbors would come far and near, and work together to get the house up before night. So too here we have the spirit of the creative Scorpio and the inner genius of the ninth house representing T.R.’s tremendous ability to unite Americans towards the common goal of building the country into leading nation.


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