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Foochow China and Gail Fairfield

Ms. Fairfield’s parents were missionaries to China.  She was born there on February 27, 1950 at 3:59 PM according to her book, Choice Centered Astrology.  Below are some vintage photos of the area and the chart as printed in her book. She is a talented occultist who has written several books on the tarot and astrology.  I have a few of them in my collection and enjoyed them immensely over the years.

gail foo

 Mapping Ms. Fairfield

Ms. Fairfield’s Ascendant is at 27 Scorpio, a degree that favour occult tendencies particularly as her Jupiter is in Aquarius and conjunct Mercury.  She is a Splash temperament because she has few conjunctions (blind spots), some oppositions (awareness) and a Grand Trine (a harmonizer).  She has a large grouping in her Northern hemisphere that shows she is rather reclusive and avoids the limelight, but her Saturn in Virgo in the Tenth makes her come out of her shell for her career as it gives her a studious bent in delving into life’s mysterious.

Mars is conjunct Neptune in the Eleventh show that she is very ardent and demonstrative towards her friends and trine Venus loyal.  This placement though blinds her to their faults, as she has a hard time seeing them (Neptune).  The sextile to Chiron encourages that perception.  She has a few oppositions, but the striking one is from Pluto in the Ninth to Mercury in the Third, highlighting her long travels and good education in giving her a penetrating awareness that is extraordinary particularly as it is part of her Cosmic Trine.  Actually, her three conjunctions happen all at the Trine points increasing its harmonizing effect on her personality and giving her ability to always see the choices in life.

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