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Joseph P. Kennedy III

Congressman J.P.Kennedy was the one that the Democratic Party picked to give the official response to President Trumps State of the Union. We rectified him to 08 Aquarius giving him Neptune in the Tenth house just like his granduncle, President John F. Kennedy, but this time in Sagittarius suggesting that he too shares that Utopian vision and is pinning his career and hopes on making it succeed.


JPK III and his wife Lauren Ann Birchfield.  They met at Harvard Law.  She is from Texas.

His grandfather was the President’s younger brother, Robert F. Kennedy who was also assassinated and the septile in the younger Kennedy’s chart shows this aspect. He has a preponderance of Scorpio’s in his chart giving him a rather fatalistic approach to his career, it is the family’s major business, and life. His Aquarian ascendant tries to take that preplanned life in an optimistic view, sextile his Mercury in Scorpio makes him rather repressed in his expressions and like his speech Tuesday night, he will rely on teleprompters and speech writers. But his Uncle Ted (who he resembled) had some great speech writers that made his career soar at the 1980 DNC convention with the famous lines “the dream will never die” that President Trump hearkened too in his Speech with “Americans are dreamers too.”

Kennedy has several planets in Libra, his Sun, as well making him have an intense attitude to the law that he takes seriously. He is a bundle temperament type, that makes him rely more on himself than those around him, and that works to his advantage as he works in a concentrated fashion. The Congressman works like a laser beam on a task, drawing and integrating others in his vision and encouraging them to contribute to his goals. If would be better if his cutting planets were Uranus instead of Neptune, more generational, but the Neptune – Moon aspect may work to his advantage — at least based on this chart, the Congressman will put all of his efforts into making it so particularly as his Venus is conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus.

Download the Congressman jpk.pdf chart.

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