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Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Cancer 01

We are rectifying Justice Ginsburg’s chart to Cancer 01.  We feel that this works based on that the Cancer 01 ascendant givers her a musical bent, demonstrated not only by her son James and his Grammy wins, but also her attendance with her friend and colleague Anton Scalia to operas and sympthonies.

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                     rbginsburg                                                     Justice Ginsburg’s Map

The Cancer 01 Ascendant works rather well for Justice Ginsburg.  As previously mentioned, it highlights her love of music and her devotion to her children, but it also puts her Sun and Venus in  Pisces in the Ninth House of law and legislature — and  gives her universalist view of American law.  She has openly admitted that the US Constitution is flawed and not a good template for new constitutions but instead prefers the  Constitution of South Africa created by the Soviet inspired ANC  or perhaps the European Convention on Human Rights drafted by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1950 which excludes the right for countries to deport or extradite terrorists.  President Obama’s Dreamer’s Act goes far to support that legislature, which is why it is under attack from President Trump who is a strong nationalist. Justice Ginsburg has said she will not attend the President’s first State of the Union speech because of her antipathy to his views.

Justice Ginsburg is a See-Saw Temperament Type with a Kite Configuration like Princess Diana.  This buttresses her world view and desire to protect all of its citizens and not just one country’s over another. (Princess Diana was a strong advocate for the removal of landmines though the details of how to do this were left to the engineers to carry out.  Perhaps as with her strong Uranian tendencies she was ahead of her time and foresaw drones doing that and there would be no people involved; unfortunately we will never know).  The difference between the two ladies is that Princess Diana was a Mutable Kite (people oriented) while Justice Ginsburg is a Fixed Kite and idea oriented.

For the Justice the Fixed Kites takes the form of worldwide legislatures and a world without boundaries — a very utopian  viewpoint supported by Saturn in its Lord of Aquarius and its desire to break the bounds of convention by revolutionary means.   That Saturn is then sextile its co-Lord in Uranus in the Tenth house highlighting her unique vision and its imporance in her life and career and making it come true.

Mars  is opposite her Piscean Venus making her despite her Jewish upbringing to be rather agnostic in her approach to religion, which makes sense as religion and faith are impedients to a united world as people fall back on tribal and cultural crutches, but it also, sextile the Moon, makes her love ceremony and ritual as in opera and sympthonies where it is stripped of totemic structures and extended into transpersonal archetypes.

The can be no doubt, as long as breath is within her, Justice Ginsburg, will continue her crusade because it is who she is and  rock solid in her belief that she is right.




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