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Press Secretary, Sarah H. Sanders

She’s the daughter of Arkansas governor and Baptist minister, Michael Huckabee, who’s birthday is today.  She is married and a mother of three ( see the munchkins below).


                                   the Map of the Press Secretary

Mrs. Sanders is a a strong Western based rimmed bowl making her very resourceful.  Her ascendant is 19 Libra and partile Saturn in the Twelfth making her seem a bit of heavy for she is a no-nonsense lady.

Her rim is made of two very sensitive planets, the Moon opposite Neptune, so despite her gruff exterior, Mrs. Sanders is very warm and sensitive soul — she takes to heart the things said about her and her family.  With Uranus in the Second house of Sagittarius, her visions and aspirations are what keep her moving, she has a rather grand vision of life and is not very pragmatic.  With three planets in her First house, she tends to be argumentative and defensive — though she seems to have no legal background, it is a career very much suited to her personality particularly with Pluto in Libra right at the First House and her desire to search for the truth in all things with which she personally deals.

Mercury in the Elventh house of the public also makes her a good press secretary, as she likes to work with the public and explain things to people.  She has a gruff but patient demeanour and is generous with her time and resources (Leo on the Eleventh house cusp).  All in all, Mrs. Sanders likes her job and is strongly supportive of the President which makes sense as her Sun is partile his Ascendant.


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