Kentucky school shooting

This shooting is very similar to the local Tunkhannock grocery market shooting — losers who want to make a splash — see the preponderance of planets in the Eleventh House. the key is not outlawing guns as the press loves to proclaim, but not covering the shootings and giving them relevance and allowing people to carry guns on the school grounds and take them out immediately. As I don’t believe any of that will be done, or that the press will accept culpability, so it is questionable whether we will cover more of these copycat killers.

Basically a Bundle temperament type — very insular against school chums but not necessarily friends. Our shooter is looking for relevance knowing as he is underage he won’t get the chair or be shot on site. Pity that both are true.

Here’s the video from Time Inc.


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  1. So horrible how many shootings there are. Even a dedicated pacifist like myself begins to think that what they need is armed guards at the doors.

    Probably not really but what really would work, perhaps… a heavy double door and really intense screening for weapons?


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