Szeged Hungary Quake 1879

Uranus and the Trans Neptunian Planet Admetos are conjunct in the Twelfth House of Virgo

Urania astrology magazine in an 1880 issue, reported that October 25, 1879 there was a quake in Szegeb, Hungary.  We do not know if it was related to the building of dam in the area or not but there were a lot of rains with subsequent destruction mentioned for that time period.  It is possible that the earthquake was similar to the St. Francis Dam catatrosphe in California forty years later but we cannot be sure for lack of information.


There are many planets in fixed signs i.e Taurus and Scorpio and if we included the trans neptunians to the equation, then all three signs of the fixed quadrature have planets, giving it a strong emphasis.  Earthquakes tend to happen with a planetary preponderance of fixed signs, particularly when the polar opposites of Taurus and Scorpio are in play.

Below is the 90º dial version of the same chart.  Dials are what the Hamburg School of Astrology prefer.  This dial was created by Kepler software.  I know little about the dial so I let Kepler take the defaults.  Szilvia said that it highlights right at the spot, the earthquake with the hard aspect of Admetos to Uranus.

1879 earthquake
Uranian Astrology calls conjuncts “hard aspects”.  The dial points to  hard aspect between Admetos and Uranus.

Admetos is the sixth of eight trans neptunian planets.  Its glyph is a material cross within the glyph of Mercury.  It is a very slow moving, so it is thought to build up power over time.

Glyph for Admetos