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Ursula Le Guin sci fi author extraordaire

Authoress Ursula Kroeber Le Guin has passed. She wrote many popular sci-fiction works like city of Illusions or the Left Hand of Darkness. With her very angular chart there was no doubt that Ms. Le Guin would live a long time — she was 88 when she died on January 22, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. She was married to fellow author Charles Le Guin. Her parents were Alfred Louis Kroeber (who was previously married to a Rothschild) and Theodora Kracaw Kroeber.

Mrs. Le Guin attended Radcliffe College in Renaissance Literature and then went to Columbia University for her Masters of Arts in French and Italian literature continuing there for her Ph.D. where she won a Fulbright grant to continue her studies in Paris where she met her husband. They had three children, Elisabeth, Caroline and Theodore. They moved to Portland in 1959 and have been ever since.

                                     The Map of Le Guin

Mrs. Le Guin’s temperament type is a humanist splash. This works as Mrs. Le Guin was a Taoist, a Chinese philosophy that emphasizes that all life is part of the Tao emphasizing wu wei the effortless action of spontaneity. It is not a people-centric philosophy but a coherent whole-life system that does not fit into a unified religious thought, but instead is a series of teaching based on continual revelation.

She has few conjunctions and a major cardinal grand trine from Uranus in the twelfth to Pluto in the Third ending at Mercury in the Sixth. Those houses are familiar to Mrs. Le Guin’s reader as they deal with her greatest interest: psychology & sociology, things that are taboo and the inter-relationship of man and his environment.  Her Ascendant is 03 Taurus giving her a very mediumistic ability to draw from the outer world into writing. This is supported by its trine to Neptune in Virgo in the creative Fifth House but failing in the creation of another grand trine as there is nothing but the Mid-heaven and that too wide of orb to count.

Her Sun is in Libra and her Moon in Gemini, both part of the airy triplicity and typically artistic tastes and ability,  This trine for the Line of Vitality also makes the native love learning and good intellectual capabilities but also a tendency to get carried away by their own intellectualism and become elitist. Overall, she was an undoubtedly a highly creative woman whose literary abilities spanned from poetry to short stories to novels of the Earthsea and Hainish series with million of fans around the globe.

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