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The falsity of rulerships by Daniel Gordon

What planets rule which zodiac signs in astrology seems to be a settled matter. However, I think which zodiac sign rules what in the mundane world is quite unsettled and other areas of astrology also suffer from multiple undefined rulerships. The problem threatens to undermine the basis of astrology, and gives reason for others to call astrology foolishness. False predictions cause loss of credibility. Astrology is based on elements and qualities.

For example, in Roman times cattle were considered livestock under the rulership of Capricorn, because they were dynamic bodies with skin and bones, and Capricorn is dynamic earth by quality and element.  In Rex Bill’s  “Rulership Book“cattle are Taurus & Saturn.  Munkasey’s “Astrological Thesaurus”, cattle are a 12th House keyword, but cow is a 4th House keyword.

Business is another example of mixed rulership definitions. Business is ruled by Capricorn, generally, but there are so many dependencies. I have read that financiers are under the rulership of Sagittarius, but banks were under Capricorn and 10th house rulership. The books place banking, money and capitalism in the 2nd House under the rulership of Taurus.

When I research historical conditions and find little or no correlation to these rulerships or keywords with the mundane events or conditions, I question the authority of the books as well as my own research and experience. Then I look to see at least two historical reasons and a repeated pattern why something would be included in a rulership measured by quality and element. My astrological forecasts are irrelevant if I use the wrong keywords.

The long history of astrology has provided many systems of rulerships and keywords, but general opinion is no proof of truth. In the past, Astrology has been based on hearsay, rumours, traditions, suppositions, perceptions, scripture, inferences, appearances, pre-conceived notions, and sayings of great teachers, but that does not make it right. Also, the lack of consistent keywords and rulerships interferes with meaningful communication among astrologers.

 We are reduced to telling a good story, but not necessarily a realistic or understandable one. We rely on what we know. Perhaps the greater connectivity and communication of the astrological community can combine to produce an astrological rosetta stone book.
Perhaps some organizational industry-wide survey and computer crunching can straighten out this mutability of astrological rulerships, because I think this problem is one of the biggest hindrances  for progress in astrology.
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