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Presidential Power Couplings: a Gauquelin perspective

This week we bring to you a new category:  Other Voices.  These articles are written by other astrologers that are not part of the Sabian Earth team, but are pertinent to the articles we post.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

by Gary Noel

In 2004, I noticed that contenders with Mars or Saturn  in a major Gauquelin power zone are the ones most likely to win the keys to the White House. Here are some other things I found that may be of interest.

  1. America has produced, at least, three with the Moon in a major power zone, Washington, Madison and Hayes, among them winning five presidential elections.
    • Washington, of course, never had to campaign.
    • James Madison had Saturn in a major plus zone.
    • Rutherford B. Hayes won in a disputed contest.
      • No reliable birth times are available for the candidates who ran against James Madison and Rutherford B.Hayes.
  2. Candidates with Mars in a major power zone are difficult to defeat but it can be done.
    1. Alf Landon, Gerald Ford and Walter Mondale lost once and Adali Stevenson lost twice, a total of five defeats for Mars.
    2. Landon lost to FDR who also had Mars in a major power zone.
    3. Adlai Stevenson had Mars but also the Moon in a key sector of the sky.
    4. Gerald Ford was born under Mars but lost to Jimmy Carter, who was born under Saturn.
    5. Mondale has Mars and Saturn in a major plus zone but being under the influence of both planets doesn’t seem to help.
      • If you have one, it’s probably preferable not to have the other.
      • Walter Mondale,  is only one example  as Françoise Gauquelin noted, and one incident never establishes a rule.
Conclusion: Lunar candidates can win but it’s a rare thing in American politics. Aspirants with Mars or Saturn in a key sector can lose but that is infrequent. Gauquelin concluded that Neptune had no influence on temperament and profession so the following information may be insignificant. Until Bush 41 lost to Clinton, also born under Neptune (and Mars) no person born under that planet had ever lost an election.
  • Neptune Presidents are James Polk, Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, George H. W. Bush , Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 
    • They havewon a total of 9 elections; most in 20th Century.
  • One candidate did win without any planets in a major power zone: William B. McKinley who defeated William Jennings Bryant, born under the Moon.
    • McKinley was assassinated.

Astrological researcher and statistician Michel Gauquelin found that planets in cadent rather than cardinal houses had the most influence on temperament and profession. His research in the twelfth and ninth houses and first third of the first and tenth houses are now called major Gauquelin power zones; however, astrologers originally counted the houses clockwise in accordance with the daily motion of the Sun, Moon and planets.  Thus the cadent twelfth house of today was the angular first house of yesterday and the ninth house was originally the cardinal fourth house.

Francoise Gauquelin’s quote on page 9 of Psychology of the Planets is worth repeating here: “…the favorable zones should have been progressively expanded to thirty degrees after the rise and culmination of the planets, i.e., Houses XII and IX.  ”  Instead, the thirty degrees before the rise and culmination of the planets were adopted as more essential for knowing the native’s character and social status.
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