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#313 The birth & death of King Edward VII of England

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King Edward is a rimmed bowl with the Moon opposite Uranus in Pisces creating the rim.  Pluto was not discovered in his lifetime, but almost 20 years after this death, so we are ignoring it here.  If it was part of the configuration, he would then be a lipped bowl.  His natural disposition is mutable, making him a very personable & practical king, very unlike his regal and idealist mother, Queen Victoria.

His Ascendant is 28 Sagittarius in the Eleventh house of the people, and he has quite a preponderance of planets also therein — Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn give him a Line of Self-Determination that supports his natural disposition, suggesting that he relies more on his his life experiences than either education or philosophies.  Again the Moon – Uranus rim reinforces that eccentricity.

edward 7 dies

His death chart, from Alan Leo’s Astrologer’s Magazine, suggests the cause of his death, now a temperament type of a bucket with a Jupiter handle in the Ninth house, was a heart attack brought on by his his excessive & indulgent lifestyle (Uranus square Jupiter opposite the Moon) that became onerous for his body to support.  Upon his death, his son, George V, became King for the next twenty-six years (Pluto in the Fifth House conjunct Mars on the Sixth house cusp at Cancer 04).

edward 7th death


  • #313 refers to King Edward being the #313 entry in the Jones 1000 nativity listing.
  • His son, Prince of Wales Albert Victor’s chart is here.
  • Available for downloading is  biography of aKing Edward VII.adapted from Encyclopaedia Britannica.




    • Thanks for your interest. I added in the Brittanica article on the King as well as the link to Crown Prince Albert Victor for your enjoyment. All the best, QH.


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