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RIP Arabella Kennedy

Arabella Kennedy was the first of the four children born to John and Jacqueline Kennedy on August 23, 1955. Only two of their children made it adulthood, and two, Arabella and John Patrick, died at birth and both were born in August.

Arabella died shortly after birth and was buried the next day in Newport, Rhode Island with a simple marker “Daughter”.  Chances are that the mother laid in there, because Hammersmith (our featured image by the way)  was the home of her mother, Janet Lee,  and her second husband, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss , whom she married in 1942.  Also part of Hammersmith was a parcel called the “Windmill” a  single-family home built  like a windmill, with three bedrooms, two baths  on a 6.5-acre lot, that Jackie summered at after her mother’s remarriage with her sister Caroline Lee (Lee Radziwill), but it would be doubtful that the pregnant Jackie would have stayed there alone.

jackie and caroline lee.jpg

Sisters Jackie and Caroline Lee

Curiosity made me bring up this chart, and looking it i was caught immediately the amount of her oppositions therein, including an ominous one from the Second to the Eighth House that seems to suggest that Mrs. Kennedy had had a bad pregnancy.  There is an interesting Septile from Mercury to Saturn that makes me think of toxemia, but of course that is a guess.  The birth time was set for sunrise.

Then there is another unfortunate aspect from Hygeia at 19 Capricorn to Venus at 14 Cancer in the Twelfth House that may have been indicative of this heavily watched and doctored pregnancy. Yet, despite all their efforts, the baby was not to be.

arabella kennedy.pdf

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