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Revisions for January 2018

We constantly review and vet the site for accuracy.  While we always update the reports with new information, we do not always publicize it, like we did with the EPA Chief.  Starting this month, we will note the technical errors found for the charts posted; grammar and spelling mistakes will be thankfully ignored.

  • Why Labour Day
    • Time was originally for 12 noon not midnight.
    • Chart and report are now correct.
  • Michael Moore
    • Chart cannot be downloaded; chart now available.
  • Charts for the Women’s Liberation Movement and Harvey Weinstein were missing.
  • Happy Birth Ralph Nader, Hellenistically.
    • Had no charts available for downloading.
    • Now there is a Hellenistic and Koch chart available for downloading & comparison.
  • Debbie Reynolds.
    • Chart cannot be downloaded & there is no chart on the site.
    • Corrected.
  • Benjamin Disraeli download chart is gibberish.
    • This was a problem with Adobe Acrobat’s rendering engine.  The latest update has fixed it but there are unfortunately a lot of charts that were put up with the poor glyphs.  They will all be noted as we find them.  If you can, help us out on this one.  Thanks.
    • Now correct.
  • December 17 2017 at Baltimore.
  • There is no chart for Mandela leaving Victor Verster Prison.
    • Nor a birth chart for Mandela.
    • Both are up there now including a Mandela progression for his release date.
  • The Barry & Honey Sherman Double Murders
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