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A third Saturn Return for Coach Carm Cozza of Yale

Something about the Coach

Carmen Louis Cozza, who was universally known as Carm, was born to Italian immigrants on June 10, 1930, in Parma, Ohio. There is no record of his birthtime so we picked sunrise; our charts reflect that.

At Miami University of Ohio he played both football and baseball, winning letters as a quarterback, halfback and safety and as a pitcher and an outfielder. His football coaches were great Ara Parseghian, who went on to renown at Notre Dame, and amazing Woody Hayes, who did the same at Ohio State.

After graduation, in 1952, Cozza played minor league baseball for two and a half years, in the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox farm systems, before coaching high school football at Gilmour Academy, a Roman Catholic school in Gates Mills, Ohio. From 1956 to 1962 he was a Miami of Ohio football assistant under John Pont. He also earned a master’s degree in education from Miami in 1959.

Cozza’s head-coaching debut at the Yale Bowl was inauspicious, however: a loss to Connecticut. Afterward, Charley Loftus, Yale’s sports information director, remarked that Cozza had received a telegram from the alumni association saying: “There’s a train leaving for New York at 4 o’clock. Be under it.”

Carm’s Travel Map

It was probably the train comment that caught my eye, though having such luminaries as Parseghian and Hayes as mentors is in itself remarkable. Looking at Carm’s chart, we see that that the Alumni Association were onto something with their train comment – the Coach is a locomotive temperament type, all the more remarkable because of Saturn in the Ninth House of long travels and philosophy. Another thing to note, is when he died on Thursday, January 4th, 2018, it was his Third Saturn Return. Read the Yale News here.

Locomotives are noticed by their Grand Trine that holds the inner configuration all together and that makes them hard to deter or upset from their general focus. It is that focus, or inner momentum, that keeps the person going even at rest: they are always on the job. For Carm, his cutting planet is the Saturn in the Ninth House and that is where the initial thrust or impact will be made – he was obviously of the old school philosophy that football was not just a sport but a “religion” or a way of life, for he proudly noted all the doctors and lawyers he trained for the larger world. Saturn is also according to Dr. Marc Jones his “focal Determinator,” or planet in high focus, the ability to sacrifice short-term advantages for long-range goals. Reading his obit, there is no doubt of his persistence in the face of adversity.

His wife Jean survives him as does his daughters Karen, Kathryn and Kristen.

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