Gertrude Jekyll: A gardener’s delight

You can read her works over on Here’s one of my favorites.

We have rectified her birthtime to 10:06 in the morning, giving her a Capricorn 06 Ascendant and making her a very resourceful lady. She has lots of planets in her eleventh house, because Miss Jekyll had many notable friends that influenced and helped her throughout her career, and in turn she helped and influenced others. Her Mercury is in the Tenth House because she is really best known through her writings on garden architecture, and is supported by her Part of Fortune in the Third House of short communications and brothers and sisters – she was quite close to her brother and his wife. The Neptune in Aquarius shows her artistic flair, that borders almost on a garden of Watercolours (she loved the great English artist, JMW Turner), and Mars nearby shows how she applied that with spade and pitchfork, creating physical replications of his great painting.

Gertrude Jekyll.pdf

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