The Winter Solstice and the Next Three Months

Today, December 21, is the Winter Solstice –  at 11:37 AM EST, the Sun enters Capricorn. Here is the chart for that event set at Washington D.C., at the Capital Building.

Capricorn Soltice 2017

The Ascendant of the chart is the 18th degree of Pisces, with Neptune in the 12th House and Jupiter, co-ruler, in Scorpio in the 8th House.  The Sun and Saturn are joined-at-the-hip in the 10th.   Thus the major indicators here point to the 10th, 8th and 12th Houses, sort of in order, with priority of concern for this winter season.

The power of the 10th House (the Executive Branch, POTUS), as reflected here, perhaps without  too much over-the-top hyperbole, appears overwhelming. The POTUS will probably try to inject itself into every issue, piece of legislation, or event that he sees that has caught the public’s attention.  The underlying motivation for DJT  is  always to appear strong and in control.  The unified Sun-Saturn is indicative of a attitude of unbending willfulness, determination to get one way, and to “cut-no-slack” for anyone.  So, do not expect any expressions or actions of compassion or fellow-feeling from the POTUS this holiday season nor for the remainder of this dark winter of our discontent.

But, hold on you may be saying, the Sign of Sympathy, Pisces is Ascending, it really can’t be as bad as you say!  True.  And, the fact is that things are never totally black or white, there is always some grays. or you could say “silver linings”.  The First House of the Ingress Chart is generally descriptive of the over-all “tone or mood” for the season, and further the house is representative of “the people’ of the nation.  Hence, the attitude, mood of the citizens of our fair land, as suggested here, will be in a more or less compassionate mood.

However, with the rulers of Pisces in the 12th and 8th Houses, there is also very deep anxiety and uncertainty out there among the folk.  This deep anxiety is also reflected in the essential dignities of the planets (  a quantitative  measurement of planetary strength).  Saturn and Mars strength’s are practically  “off-the-charts”, compared to the other eight.  Pluto also comes in very strong, but Mercury’s numbers, on the other hand, are very low; off-the-charts in the negative direction.  What does this mean in reality?  The dignity numbers give the astrologer a feel for the “effectiveness” of a planet in a given chart.  Or, in other words, an idea of the availability of that planet’s energy to contribute to what the purpose of the horoscope may be.

The Focus on the 8th and 12th Houses, Again

In the Fall Equinox Chart in September, we saw a T Square of Sun, Mercury, Mars opposing Neptune, this across the 8th-12th Houses, with Saturn in the 11th, filling in the pattern.  It was no surprise then that issues of national finances were on the front burner and had been on the front burner for months.  And what happens today?  I believe POTUS will sign a Tax Bill!

This Tax Bill may not be the cure for what ails us however because with Uranus in the 2nd House of the nations financial resources and Jupiter and Mars in the 8th indicates that we are still in the woods.  This is because there is now in front us of the Budget Battle!  How, dear hearts do we allocate the money?  This task will engage Congress for no little time, and much energy and expense.

Oh! there is dancing in the streets, dear hearts!  At long last Santa has arrived, or is it the Grinch?

A look at the Important Planetary Aspects

The Moon ( representive of the public, the people) in Aquarius and  the 11th House is suggestive of a widespread desire and motivation among the public to come together; to gather in friendly associations; to form organizations that benefit the “common good”; indeed this placement could be summed up in this one phrase: “work for the common good”.  An ideal that we seldom hear in these days of sharp political divisions and racial, economic strife.

The closest square in the chart, always indicative of the “hot-button” in a horoscope, here it is the Moon Square Mars.  This is not necessarily a negative indication, as it shows that the level of motivation of the public to “take action” is very strong and determined, perhaps volatile.  What happens when you try to shut off the top of a volcano ( which is impossible to do, but just imagine)?  The pressure builds and you get a big explosion.

People are demanding to be heard, their issues addressed.  Will POTUS and Congress hear?  Well Congress, the Legislative Brach is also located in the 11th, so I think it is hearing, at least a little, but I suspect that POTUS is not hearing at all.

Then there is the Mercury Square Neptune.  What this indicates is that the whole “Fake News” thing will continue to grow and dog us.  We will continue to be lost in the foggy mists of electronic media, suffering our addictions to Facebook, Twitter, Game Boys, X-Boxes or whatever else is ones favorite form of escape.    Meanwhile the Masters of Propaganda will continue feasting on the malleability and gullibility of the public mind.

Will There Be War?

Saturn and Mars, in thisWinter Solstice Chart, have moved beyond the very challenging positions seen in the Fall Equinox Chart.   Sun-Saturn, now in Capricorn, are opposing the very significant Cancer  planets in the USA National chart; but, where we are now is just the introductory stage.  As Saturn, by transit opposes the USA Cancer planets, conditions, particularly economic will be severely disturbed. But, that is ahead.

Mercury rules the 7th House in this Winter Solstice Chart as well as in the USA National Chart.  As I said earlier Mercury is a very challenged planet during this winter season.  The 7th House in a mundane/political chart depicts  relations with other countries in general, and is the area to examine for the state of international relations, whether good, bad or indifferent.  Because Mercury is, shall we say, a bit “confused” right now, perhaps having difficulty thinking straight, vulnerable to miscommunication, etc.  With our State Department decimated by staffing reductions, underfunding, and general confusion, and with the possibility of miss-communication, the probability of a major international relations incident or situation arising is high.  And, also not ruling out war, perhaps by accident or miss-calculation.  Transiting Mars is exactly square the Nodes of the USA National Chart.

The Uranus-Neptune Cycle and the  Pluto Transit

As was mentioned in the Fall Equinox article Pluto has been transiting the conjunction degree on the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the early 1990s.  Sometime in June, 2016 Uranus by transit had moved into a semi-square with Neptune ( 1.5° orb).   This, while  it may superficially be seen as a rather inconsequential alignment, I think otherwise.  The semi-square will remain, off and on, within orb until May of 2020.  It is sticking around.

In my article “In This Flood of Sexual Abuse Reports, What are the Astrological Indicators”.  I cover in detail my interpretation of this alignment.  Briefly, I believe what were are experiencing is a re-emergence of the Uranus-Neptune Cycle “influence”.  Look back at the early 1990s. What was one of the most significant events?  What could top the Internet, and cell phone, and related electronic devices that have flowed out in the wake.

How we conduct our relationships and how we conduct our social relations, and even how we view the world and reality has been transformed by this Electronic Age that is now the ‘norm’, for us.   It would be surprising if matters relating to sexual relations did not also come to our attention and contention.   Also with the reemergence of Neptunian influence we are experiencing problems determining what is truth; the simple function of separating fact from fiction has become problematic.  I think it was back in the Bush Administration that one of GWB’s guys, or maybe it was George himself, who said that “we create our on reality”.  With DJT the term “Fake News” has become a household word.  One of DJT’s underlings said that there are “alternative facts” that DJT has that contravene what others consider factual reality.   He is the Chief so it must be okay, for some.






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