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Update: EPA head Scott Pruitt and Antifa

We were wrong. We thought Pruitt would not do much as EPA chief but it seems he listened to his boss and reportedly bought out 1,228 employees over the summer, costing the Department at least $12 million.  He brought the department head count down to around 13G and change.

All of that surprised us, but it seems it seems that AntiFa (an abbreviation of Anti-Fascism in German and the leftist counterpart to alt-Right)  took him seriously according to a CNN report.  So now the EPA is adding a dozen or security personnel to protect Pruitt and family around the clock. The total salaries for the additional staff could cost at least $2 million per year which does not include training, overtime, or travel.


Ms. McCarthy from Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

The EPA’s inspector general’s office, which provides oversight and investigates complaints and threats, said that they’ve had to pull agents from other criminal investigations because of the rise in death threats against Pruitt compared to previous EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy who before going to Washington was the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

“We have at least four times — four to five times the number of threats against Mr. Pruitt than we had against Mrs. McCarthy,

Since 2016,  when Trump was elected,  13 people have died in Antifa demonstrations. We hope that stops as violence is wrong in a democratic society like ours. Here’s a website to follow what else is going down.

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