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The Daily in Honolulu 11-28-2017

We have landed in Hawaii. Aloha.

Bowls are an interesting pattern:   they are moved more by external factors in their environments than the internal factors within their sphere and so they represent the axion that the “Times makes the man.”


Today’s bowl has a battle at its rim (the turquoise line) — Uranus vs Mars, who will win?. In the eighth we have those who want to balance our outgoing spending against our incoming receipts championed by the tenth house and Saturn.  In the second, we have Uranus, known best for his big ideas and bravado, electricity, electronics and the Silicon age.  One is all old fashioned nickels and dimes; the other bitcoin.  Pluto emanating out in orange, applauds, but choose no sides, he’s just happy to have a Battle of the Titans in the arena and watch them duke it out.

Appropriately enough, today our Sabian symbol today is  Aquarius who has the dual planets of Uranus and Saturn as its lord, at twelve degrees in the eleventh house. It is conjunct the Ascendant and gets the symbol of a broad stairway; the landings are the limitless levels of self-expression that like like our opposition can’t make up its mind as to whether to capitalize on its experience for immediate advantage or dwell at spot and  prepare.

Joel Anthony

Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

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