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The Daily in Minot – November 26, 2017

We have moved west of Bismarck right on the Montana border for our final stop in Minot North Dakota; our featured image is of Minot circa 1940. Four hundred and twenty-fives miles below are the Badlands, the Great Northern Bank is safe.

Banks - Great Northern Bank 1895

We maintain our Bowl planetary pattern with a rim opposition & grand cross with Pluto in the sea goat (Capricorn 18) opposite intense Ceres (see the chart). Pluto is in the vicinity of fixed star Castra, or the Military Camp, though not yet conjunct, but still getting solid vibes. That plays out well, with the media victims: each victim coming out alone, but echoing their predecessor’s comments playing well to an eager populace who believes that Hollywood has the moral scruples of a hare rabbit. But with the Senatorial accusers things have not fared so well — outside of Al Franken none of the women have big names and easily forgotten and so here, like Ceres’s son in law Pluto who steals her daughter away, these predators stand strong and defiant like a fortress against all accusers.

This is not strange. Look back to the election that PM Theresa May lost and refused to stand down lest Boris take her seat. Perhaps the Dems are worried that if they too leave, that new people will rise and challenge the status quo and make names for themselves as well, upsetting the Clinton-Bush-Obama apple cart. Status quo right now is trying to hold on, but for how long?

Maybe it’s the Bowl?

We have a Bowl in the Minot wheel, a semi circle that can appear in one of four directions, today leaning heavily u on the Eastern so its is resourceful one with Mars defensing it in the Ninth and emptying out into the west but that never lasts. Every twelve hours the stars spin around and the bowl changes this way and then that and back again until some planetary configuration changes that once again. With so much in Capricorn, perhaps the holiday recess and the return to the hinterlands will be the impetus needed (Congress goes on Christmas recess 18 December just before the solstice).

Bring home the bacon.gif

from the Blog, Natively Speaking

The Sabian Symbol is in the Fourth house of Gemini at 8 degrees — an industrial strike. Adriano Carelli says that this degree has a dualistic nature,  giving great commercial aptitude but full of sloth.  He writes that “destiny threatens the home when found in the fourth with the omen of a sudden outburst” that upset its foundations and shatter its very core.  It is opposite the Sun in Sagittarius and squared Neptune at 11 Pisces (the keyword of gallivanting) creating fanciful dreams of what Santa may bring but not yet the obligation to actually fill the stocking and bring home the bacon.

Brrr…….off to the Big Island tomorrow. I could use the change.

Song: Begin the Beguine(Cole Porter) music by Artie Shaw
dancing by Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire.

minot 1126.pdf

Shout out to the blog masters of Minot Memories where the Minot pix originate & Natively Speaking for the comic strip and writeup.  Great stuff there.

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