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11-11-2017 He’s Gone — The Prime Minister is Missing

Today is the traditional celebration of Veteran’s Day, that holiday which honors military veterans; people who served in any capacity the United States Armed Forces. Originally it was called Armistice to commemorate the ending of World War I at precisely the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, but in 1954 Congress renamed it Veteran’ Day to include the WWII veterans.

​Perhaps though, today, also is noting that Lebanon is missing a ​prime minister, Mr.Saad el-Din Rafik Al-Hariri. Strange things though are happening in the Middle East these days, ever since the Crown Price Mohammed bin Salman started arresting eleven days ago, eleven Saudi princes, a couple of ministers and a few odd entrepreneurs in an “anti-corruption” drive after he held a summit meeting in Riyadh. Another casualty of Number Eleven is how many seats the Democrats gained through special state elections.

At the meeting the Prince said he planned to return Saudi Arabia to its original moderate Sunni Islamic heritage and to kick this off, he said that a $500 BILLION dollar project would be started on the Red Sea called Neom.

Mr. Hariri went to the festivities. He then announced via radio his resignation out of the blue and then poof! disappeared. Last year almost to the day, the Chief of Police in Syria, Munir Hariri also disappeared. No clue if they are related.

​Mr. Hariri is worth about 1.5 BILLION dollars, because of his father’s ownership of Saudi Oger Ltd., which is fully owned by the Hariri family and headquartered in Ridayh. He was born in Friday on April 18, 1970 and is married to Syrian Lara Bashir Al Azem Hariri in 1998 and they have three children, two boys and a girl. His father was also the Lebanese prime minister but was assassinated in 2005 making his son the richest Lebanese in the world.


Hariri has a typical see-saw setup in his chart accentuating his position as first son and the wealth that comes with it through his father, Sun in 28 Aries in the First House. Brothers and sisters, home life and children are minor things, though admittedly this is not an definite but supposed birth chart. The next set of circumstances that concerns Hariri are his work, his marriage and his country’s deep oil resources. His chart does not show a particularly ambition man as much as an avaricious one.

                                                                            HARIRI GONE

Sometime on November 10th, Mr Hariri disappeared and the Irani-Saudi conflict is highlighted because that was the only tangible message in his resignation. His transiting chart definitely show he like the Australian PM Harold Holt that went for a walk in the ocean way back in 1967, is travelling. Pluto now in his first house as well as the preponderance of planets in Sagittarians, suggest that with the Moon in Leo in the Eighth House, he probably is sleeping with the fishies somewhere out in the Red Sea.

This post, like everything on this site, is vetted for accuracy on a continual basis. In the meantime way, from 1961 The Tokens.

C’ya next in DENVER.

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