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Divining Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

Our header picture is Congresswoman Frederica Wilson with President Barack Obama.  She represents Florida’s 24th Congressional District since 2009.  Recently she has been in the news over flak between her Republican Donald J. Trump over his phone calls to the families of  fallen American soldiers from a Nigerian skirmish.  There is no time for Mrs. Wilson but we are advocating this chart based on the known facts of her life.

download the chart of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

chart frederica wilson

  • Saturn in the Seventh House.
  • Uranus in the Seventh House
    • Her husband Paul Wilson was an investment banker who left her $2 million dollars.  He died from pancreatic cancer and left her with 3 children in 1988 after 25 years of marriage.
  • Moon + Neptune in the Eleventh House.
    • She was integral in setting up Dade County Electronic Outreach Program — the first of its kind in Florida.  Neptune is also trine Uranus in the Seventh gives her an aspect of Self-Determination, not to just accept the current affairs but change them as she sees fit and mould them to her vision.


  • Mars in the Twelfth House.
    • She has quite a martial spirit in Congress willing to take on the President on what she believe is right.
  • Venus in the Twelfth House.
    • She presents herself as a strong woman in Congress.  With Venus and Mars conjunct, this gives her an Aspect of Self Determination that is as sudden as it is quixotic — where will she turn up next?  First Trayvon Martin & now the widow Myeshia Johnson’s home.  Where is next?
  • Ascendant is 9 Scorpio.
    • This degree often shows some sorrow in the native’s life.
  • Her midheaven at 16 Leo.
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