October 02, 2017 in Portland

This week we got Oregon for our weekly stop, or 2600 miles from Gulfport, Mississippi. For me, here in Buffalo, this takes on a rather amusing personal aspect, as my friend, Basketball Coach Mike Phelps, just arrived in Buffalo from Portland traversing the same  distance but this time across the country in the opposite direction.

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Highlights from the Chart

Last week Oregon was the first state to announce free public abortions to anyone who comes: you do not have to be an Oregonian, just a visitor, to take advantage of this benefit. This shows up in the chart with the Basket Aspect created from Jupiter (excess in the Tenth House of Governance) to Saturn (purging in the Eleventh popularity in the populace) to the Moon (women’s issues in the Second for the Treasury underwriting this bill ) to Uranus (pioneering in the Third House of communications).

Our Locomotive is now too dispersed — spanning from the Eighth to Third house and we lose our trine,  — and our Daily Chart (what we call this report when no dice are thrown) has become a typical see-saw.

See-saws are the most common of all temperament types and this one, the two parts are both rather dispersed as the public, not only in Oregon but the Country at large,  questions this monetary outlay (it cannot be a Splash as it has too many conjunctions).    It is not only the Oregonian beneficence that is problematic, it is also the White House’s munificence towards the Hurricane Victims of Puerto and the newly arrived Tax Code that has both sides up in arms.

                                           The Puerto Rico Issue

Many in the media feel that Trump has not done enough for the Commonwealth, forgetting that PR is not a state but a territory. While they did vote for statehood several times, three times  the electorate at large knocked it back (1967, 1993 and 1998); and at the fourth election it got voter approval but it died in San Juan.  At some point, this is probably a good chart to review.

Still the Fourth Estate is unhappy with Trump and his financial assistance, but Bloomberg News has reported that Trump has done more than most past Presidents for Puerto Rico dispelling those comments.  Unfortunately a quick search on most of the major search venues shows that that message is pretty much ignored  because everyone always wants more from Uncle Sugar (Jupiter next to the Midheaven as the proxy of the President for the Country as mentioned previously).

That is problematic as generous Jupiter is under attack from Uranus in the Third House, right on the Fourth House Cusp, suggesting that Americans as a whole are not as fond of handing out their largesse to everyone who asks but instead (with a point focus of Ceres at the Descendant ) want some accountability for the bill.

Whoa…..that’s sounds like the Grinch doesn’t it? Possibly so, but on the personal level if you are getting hit by every telemarketer or non-profit for donations you may just understand the conundrum  as the USA still has Iris and Harvey to clean up from on the home front.


                      Building Site

In the meantime, the Media with the Sun and Mercury in their Ninth Houses of Libra has some constructive squares in the Twelfth House of Welfare and the Seventh, other nations, so do not expect this drumbeat to go away fast: they may not want us policing the world but they surely want our Second house resources to take care of it. Honestly though, the press will squawk and screech  while the bottom of the Chart has few connections to them in the South above,  John Q. will ignore them & enjoy the autumnal lull before we hit the holiday frenzy.

As the world turns (from Eminem)

Joel Anthony in Buffalo

 Next Stop…the Oregonian capital.

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