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Month: October 2017

JFK : A delayed birth certificate

The JFK Presidential Library says that all health and birth data for JFK are  closed.  Here is his delayed  birth certificate that states he was born at home, but it […]

Tracking down Pallas

Pallas is the name given to the second asteroid discovered,  by German astronomer Heinrich  Olbers. He named the asteroid after himself, Pallas from Greek Mythology the patron goddess of Athens […]

Divining Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

Our header picture is Congresswoman Frederica Wilson with President Barack Obama.  She represents Florida’s 24th Congressional District since 2009.  Recently she has been in the news over flak between her […]

The week of October 22 in DC

Sunday October 22, 2017 Venus parallel Eris 00:34AM EDT, Mercury opposes Pallas 1:21AM EDT, Saturn parallel Pallas 3PM EDT, Mercury square Ceres 11:52PM EDT Monday October 23, 2017 Sun parallel […]

How to find my best place?

A subscriber asked Mr. Llewellyn George “Why do the effects of planetary aspects seem to strike some places more than others?“ That is because some places have influences that coincide […]

Some history of the Sabian Symbols

Cannot say I know this lady, but it is an interesting video about the history of the Sabian Symbols from Dr. Dikki Jo Mullen.  For more on this read Mrs. […]

Friday the 13th in Taos

Taos, New Mexico.  The weather is bright and sunny, far different than cloudy and windy Buffalo, so I am glad for this trip to the southwest. I have been busy, […]

Sex, Lies and Harvey Weinstein

The American actress, Rose McGowan, on Thursday night stated what she has long suggested that “HW raped me.” “HW” was apparently in reference to Harvey Weinstein.It came as claims that […]

Columbus Day 2017, Ashland Oregon

Today October 12th is the original celebration of the Founding of America, but an act of Congress changed it to one of the Monday Holidays and now it is celebrated, […]

The Daily in Coos Bay 101017

We find ourselves in picturesque Coos Bay, Oregon. I have been there, and it really as picturesque as our featured images.  It is also home of legendary long distance runner, […]

ISAR on Astrology as FACT

Growing body of physical evidence supports astrology Edward Snow “Never again,” said American psychologist Vernon E. Clark, “will it be possible to dismiss the astrological technique as a vague, spooky […]

Astronomically: October 9-15 2017 @Salem Oregon

Sunday October 8, 2017 Hades stations retrograde 00:58AM EDT, Mercury contra-parallel Mars 2:01AM EDT, Venus square Saturn 8:53AM EDT, sun conjunct Mercury 4:53PM EDT, Mars quincunx south node 9:45PM EDT, […]

The Daily in Portland, Oregon 10-02-17

This week we arrive in  Oregon travelling 2600 miles from Gulfport, Mississippi. For me,  this takes on a rather amusing personal aspect, as my friend, Basketball Coach Mike Phelps, just […]