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The Daily in Gulfport Louisiana 9-29-17


Gulfport, Mississippi

Because of the active volcano eruptions after the eclipse, we decided to add in the TransNeptunians to the chart. Unfortunately WinStar does not list their name and glyph, just their aspects on the reports. One interesting note is Chiron being right near the Part of Fortune in today’s, the highlighted chart. We think that this is the lack of respect being shown the President and the Constitutional process that elected him. This is not uncommon.

As we pointed out, Give’em Hell Harry Truman, which Trump emulates in many ways, got the same abuse from the press as he showed himself to be not a carbon copy of his predecessor, FDR, but a solid traditional Democrat echoing back to Strong Dollar Grover Cleveland. In both cases, neither man was part of the party apparatus.


Daily for September 30 2017

                                           Understanding the Locomotive

Planetary-wise, we are still in a Locomotive formation. This will take a while to move away from, so this is a good time to really study and become familiar with it. As a rule Locomotive are built around a Trine, but we have had some that have “near” trines and in all ways Locomotives except for having a perfect triangular symmetry.   This is key in understanding the general temperament today:  the Locomotive is a “stable” pattern – the Old Guarde is fighting for relevance against the New (the German vote against four-term Chancellor Angela Merkel; Judge Roy Moore getting the upset against Sen. Luther Strange)  but a tripod, the Establishment is very adaptable with its three-legs for  a  stool is hard to upset, as it will always fall back & prey upon people’s fears of change.

Change is threatening but typically is ignored. If the Locomotive Type takes a sudden dislike to their comfortable surroundings or are having troubles within it, they will buckle down and close up  like a turtle – withdrawing to a place either physical or fantastical where those problems no longer exist.  This in turn maybe the best solution for those bucking against change:  work more on their inner selves  and less with the outer world.  The Fire heavy chart is just bucking for a scorched the earth policy, but the best overall policy is to ignore and do not burn bridges.


The Casinos at Gulfport

In today’s chart, shown from Gulfport, we see the world at large, wanting leaders more in tune with themselves – they have grown tired of leaders that do not coalesce with their own sense of identity. On a personal level, this maybe appearing in one’s life as dissatisfaction how one is being treated at home or in the workplace.

Of course neither on the world-stage or personal level, can one simply chuck their lives and start over, and  with Pluto next to Moon, power struggles are occurring beneath the surface between the conscious and subconscious (i.e. dream world), or reality and one’s expections.    But like the 800 or so earthquakes in the Pacific, it is best to reappraise the situation and reset your inner clock.  This internal dissatisfaction is highlighted on the calendar by the Jewish Yom Kippur — a High Holy Day that centers around, appropriately enough, atonement or as Marc Jones called it at-one-ment.

yom kippur

This At-One-Moment shown in the stars above and the calendar below, is an optimal time to start a new health program,  work on personal long-term goals or implement new plans.  Self-improvement is key here based as it is in the First House but is always easier said than done.  Luckily there are lots of coaches  –  Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, or Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance or John Molloy’s Dress for Success. to name a few.  Do not expect an easy go as Pluto-Moon is square Mercury at the Midheaven and like Trump and the Media, there is going to be a lot of pushback, both conscious and unconscious to your new path.


Sequoias from Getty Images.


Marc Jones, a guiding light to this project, called the square a “constructive aspect.”   The idea is that the square is building a bridge between two frictional places – shown both here in the chart between your inner strivings in the First House and the outer world’s  demand for conformity.

This too is not new, and is as old as the Good Book itself; it is something we all must grapple with, so like an acorn, its better to start small and build up over time to a giant sequoia.   Early and easy wins  will buttress your weak and vulnerable self and give you stamina to stand the tests of time.

C’ya on Monday in Portland, Oregon.

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