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#101 Dr. Alexis Carrel and the Dakin Solution

Before Dr. Alexander Fleming invented penicillin, Dr. Carrel developed the Dakin Solution, a type of hypochlorite solution made from bleach that is diluted and then treated to decrease skin irritation. Chlorine, the active ingredient in Dakin’s solution, is a potent antiseptic that kills most forms of bacteria and viruses. This simple solution saved many men in World War I and is still used when people are out in the wild, far from critical care centers and hospitals.

Carrel though had already won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1912 for his experimental, and ultimately successful work, on vascular sucturing & the grafting of blood vessels and organs.”  He is considered a forerunner of Dr. Christiaan Bernard’s cardiac transplant surgery because of his Nobel work.    His other honours are Legion d’Honneur, France; Nordhoff-Jung Prize for Cancer Research, 1930; the Newman Foundation Award, Univ. of Illinois, 1937 and the Rotary Club of New York Service Award, 1939.


                      The Fixed Quality

Dr. Carrel, as Marc Jones points out in the Essentials of Astrology, has a preponderance of fixed planets in his charts (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio &Aquarius). This preponderance is a focal Determinator, ” something in the map that stands out that is intrinsic to the makeup of the chart & not exterior like Hellenic Lords.

This Fixed Quality is throughout all four signs demonstrating his attitude towards his discovery was of careful application and precision – somewhat like an engineer applying himself to a problem.

  • 1. Pluto in Taurus
  • 2. Venus in Taurus
  • 3. Uranus in Leo
  • 4. Moon in Leo
  • 5. Jupiter in Leo
  • 6. Mars in Scorpio
  • 7. Saturn in Aquarius

Pluto, not discovered before Carrel’s great invention, but later in 1930, is on the Third House Cusp & suggests that Carrel was very concerned about ravages of War on his Brethren. His Pisces Ascendant 14.37 in the Twelfth – shows us how he viewed all men as such.  With Venus, the Hellenistic Lord of Taurus, residing also therein, gives the Third House deference in the doctor’s chart

Later on, in 1939 Carrel pioneered in another Taurean field, thoracic surgery. He died in Paris on November 5, 1944. His wife, Anne-Marie-Laure Gourley de la Motte de Meyrie, whom he married in 1913, survived him.

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