The Daily in Orlando FLA 9-14-17

Scorpio 14 degrees Telephone lineman at work. Our featured image is of main street, DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida. It has power and water and open for business.

We are using two astrology wheels for this report. One in Orlando and our second is the Eclipse chart that will be active until the next {partial} Solar on February 15, 2018 and the  start of the Chinese Year of the Dog.   Our symbol falls in the 12th house as the news agencies blast us with reports on the Hurricanes,  and all Washington news gets hidden the deluge.

Neptune in the 4th House in its Ruler Pisces bisects the seesaw temperament type as the country flips from drought on the west to constant rains in the east.  As Neptune’s waters are too friendly with Uranus, the problems of flooding abounds, toxic waste and chemicals in the environment throw another whammy at the Hurricane victims with its potential to cause serious life and health risks. Repair crews pour in from all over the country to attach all the necessary infrastructure for  everyone’s support systems.

On the side of the country, Mars is drying up Neptune’s bounty and giving everyone a drought & xeriscaping is in vogue. Winds are also hot & drying,  out West with the potential of widespread fires (Vesta) at least for a bit longer.

In the meantime, the telephone lineman are busy & hopefully getting good overtime; for as they say its bad wind that blows no one any good.

Glen Campbell “Wichita Lineman”
Joel Anthony