Sabian Dice Today: 9-13-2017 Miami

​​Our featured image of that dynamic Miami duo, Crockett and Tubbs with the Testarossa.


Aquarius 4 – Transcendental Meditation

Reaching out and touch someone, the old Bell commmercial, (pre breakup) is taking a beating today  with the Sabian Dice at Aquarius 4 (Peculiar) in the Third House opposite Ceres (Caring)  in Cancer in the Eighth and a point focus at Southern Uranus at 28 Aries in the Fifth.

There is a prepondance (stellium) of planets in the Tenth with everyone clamouring for their voice to be heard,  but the T-Square suggests that chilling may be the best recourse particularly as our Curious Die is also square the First House Cusp (05 Sagitarrius) and Verbalness because whatever you meant just won’t be heard.

As they said in the 70’s when this album came out,
Keep it Light


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