The Daily for 9-8-17 Stony Creek CT

                      Scorpio 1 – The Magic Bus of Fellowship


Hello world!

Today Ruffian and I rolled Scorpio 1, Sepharial’s “Heart” and Marc Jones & Elsie Wheeler’s “Sight Seeing Bus,” that has the keyword of “Friendliness,” and exhorts us to remember fellowship in a bustling and jostling world.

Scorpio 1, not shown btw, is in the Twelfth House on this chart, done via Koch System at high noon. and puts conjunct to Chiron in Pisces and the Arian Moon.  It is a tough place for the Scorpion Heart to be with the Moon playing fireworks with Uranus and lively Jupiter across the map in Libra wondering how it will shake it out  & for whom to root.

Uranus  though tends to be a disruptive figure:  individualistic and solitary, but as the Modern ruler of Aquarius found in the Third House wants, at least in the case, to get along.  Chiron quietly reminds Uranus that getting along means respecting others and the Scorpion heart readily agrees but Moon is reluctantly going along still getting angry at the slightest provocation and demanding to be heard.

stony creek.png

This all comes together because of the Moon in the closest square on the chart to Pluto hanging out on the Third House Cusp of Capricorn (Aquarius is the Intercepted Sign in this chart).

Marc Jones wrote that the closest square or opposition becomes a modern type of Lord, that he termed a focal determinator.  In this case, the FD emphasizes  our values while ignoring our need for putting our talents to work at maximum involvement.

With all the current devastation from the ongoing hurricane season, some like fellow Dromenoner Bella, have jumped on the humanitarian bus (Scorpio)  &  manned the Zello lines (Uranus) to reach out and help (the Die) someone despite being half a continent a way, showing the rest of us fighting petty fires (Moon)  how we are wasting our creative energies not to mention, time.

Individuals having this square are the Reverend Martin Luther, Havelock Ellis and the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover.

Cheerio ~