Sabian Dice Today: 9-7-2017 Danbury


Hello world!  danbury september 7 2017.png

Today for Thursday, I rolled Pisces 2 — a squirrel hiding from the hunters.  As this shows up in today’s Seventh House, perhaps we are trying to lay low and out of the limelight so extra joint activities do not accost us.  The Part of Fortune at Gemini 06 (revolution) squared definitely thinks so,  particularly as it is lurking in the Tenth House of public responsibility.

Will it work?  Well Juno (Capricorn 03) is in the Creative Fifth House is suggesting that others have the same idea so it may,  but as it is also opposite a stellium of planets in the First House  — Transpluto, the Sun and Mars — this may not be a good long term strategy.

Cheerio Suki

Our featured image is of the Mallory Hat Co. based in Danbury Connecticut.  Hats took a beating when JFK went to a frigid inauguration hatless.




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