Sabian Dice Today: September 5 2017

A comedian telling jokes


aries 2.png

Every high school class before graduation has an assembly for the seniors and choose their class comedian. It is a honored title just as it was historically. The comedian is an inveterate gambler for whenever you launch into your routine your jokes are contingent getting a responsive audience, whether that is just one or thousands.

Our Dice today gave us Aries 2 degrees in the Seventh House unaspected suggesting our need to go it alone despite commitments.

Opposite Aries is Libra, and I remember the chart for the Atomic Energy Release December 2, 1942 in Chicago.  Intercepted, Neptune is our gambler, as we Cry Havoc and unleash the furies of Hell wondering all the while whether this is our only recourse to stop the Furies already circling the globe.

Overlaid,  the two charts  are just a semi-sextile away,  as our current international impasse on the Korean peninsula becomes just another rehash of the same ideas and players three score and fifteen years ago,  only hopefully, against a  smaller backdrop. Gamesmanship and jostling for power have the stage, as we, the audience, watch wondering “what became of the changes we waited for love to bring — were they only the fitful dreams Of some greater awakening?”

A Happy Idiot – Joel Anthony   atomic energy release.jpg