September 6 2017 Full Moon

This week as we visit Bristol Connecticut we get a full moon.  The home town of writer Joel Anthony, Bristol a town in Hartford County, about sixteen miles away from the Capitol, Hartford, is in the central part of the Nutmeg of bristol

Situated on the Pequabuck river, Bristol was a major manufacturer of woollens, hardware, and brass ware. Bristol Clocks were first manufactured after the War of Independance and have always been highly regarded.  Our featured image is typical of their best that at one time was the hallmark of American manufacturing and precision.

Bristol township was originally part of Farmington  in 1727 but became independent in 1748 when the Episcopal Church led for its independence.  During the Revolutionary War, Bristol was a notable Loyalist holdout.  After the War, Bristol and Farmington were united once again but by 1806 they parted ways for a final time; and the latter town is now part of Burlington township.

full moon at 302.png
Full Moon at Bristol CT

                               The Full  Corn Moon

The September full Moon is usually known as the Full Corn Moon because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh ripened barley and  also it has been called the Harvest Moon, but this year the Harvest Moon occurs in October.

The Harvest Moon is the Moon that falls nearest the autumnal equinox as it provides the greatest light at the time when it is most needed —for completing the harvest!

                                      The Temperament Type

Seems that this Full Moon is a wild Splash but in reality it’s just a see-saw.  What’s the difference?  Well Splash’s live for the opposition, straining and stretching their awareness in every which way but they have no or very few conjunctions.   Another hallmark of the splash is at least one side is congregated into group.  For our Barley Moon that is the North-Eastern Hemisphere and with a lot of conjunctions, it falls back to the See-Saw or Hour-Glass temperament type.

It has three out of five oppositions, and that would be four if we count Pluto the Ascendent.  With so many oppositions in the weekly chart, set for our next week’s stop, Bristol Connecticut, sounds like everyone is scrambling to be somewhere else than they normally would be particularly if it effects their resources (school and work).  The oppositions all going into the Eighth House tells us that some of us will be harboring left over summer dreams and whether we should act upon them.

The Ascendant at 03.56 Leo suggests that as a group are being rather circumspect, worried about the weather, the economy and the effects of Harvey on gas prices, heating oil for the the winter ahead & with Uranus (28.04 Aries)  is in the Tenth House conjunctively disrupting the the Midheaven (20 Aries)   it maybe a while before things settle down.  In the meantime, resourcefulness (hoarding, planning and generally economizing) helps.

Keyword is Morale.

download the full moon chart at Bristol Connecticut here