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Charlottesville PS: -the Great Eclipse Terminus, Charleston, S.C. & Hurricane Harvey


The symbolism of the August 21, solar eclipse is amazing, powerful , extraordinary, epic or whatever superlative you care to use, each certainly applies.   I use the verb ‘is’ because although the actual eclipse is over, its psychological impact and physical affects will be sustained for a long time.  I want to share with you how I interpret the symbolism of the eclipse and also Hurricane Harvey, both events I believe are associated with the eclipse.

The most obvious signature of the eclipse is its path across the American continent. The total eclipse phase began near  Government Camp, Oregon at 10:16:55 AM PDT, August 21, and terminated near Charleston, South Carolina at 2:49 AM EDT.  The total eclipse thus perfectly bracketed the continental United States.  Can you  imagine, conceive of anything, anything at all, that could announce more clearly:  “America this one is made especially for you, Wake Up!”

Solar Eclipse 8-21-17


The path of the eclipse almost exactly bisected the continent, which symbolically depicts how divided the country is politically, economically and socially.  Carbondale, IL, the point of the greatest duration of the eclipse while not the geographic center of the continent nevertheless is a good representative of ‘heart of the country’.

As the eclipse moved eastward from Carbondale it crossed the infamous latitude 36°30′ at the Tennessee, Kentucky border east of Nashville.  This was, you may remember, the latitude established by the Missouri Compromise of 1820 as the northern limit of slavery in the United States.

Then as the eclipse crossed  the South Carolina coastline near Charleston, and old Fort Sumter, the total phase ended, terminated, and became a partial solar eclipse.   That the  total eclipse ended just as it crossed near the old Fort Sumter, and the nature of the eclipse path itself suggests to me a connection between the eclipse and the Civil War.

If, it is true, as astrologers believe, and others that are ‘attuned’ to a connection between celestial phenomena and terrestrial life, then this powerful eclipse is a clear signal from the divine that humanity, particularly Americans, must rise above this current state of divisiveness and come together, and work together for the ‘greater good, the ‘common good’.

We do not have to create a role model to guide us in this critical endeavor, we have the teaching of Jesus Christ: “and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.”

Charleston,   Terminus of the Total Solar Eclipse Chart

Great Eclipse Terminus

I have not illustrated it here with charts that, as the eclipse moved across the continent, the location of the eclipse in the houses of the horoscopes also shifted.   What this means is the chart cast for the beginning of the total phase of the eclipse in Oregon places the sun and moon in the 11th House and a chart cast for Carbondale, IL, has the eclipse in the 10th house and as you see in this chart for Charleston, the eclipse has moved to the 9th House. So, in the three charts, the place placements of the eclipse moves progressively from the 11, to the 10 and into the 9th Houses.

What does this suggest?  According to the principles of ‘mundane astrology’ ( a rather quaint word which might be replaced by such words as:  political , terrestrial, economic, etc.) the 11th House represents the legislative branch of government, the 10th House represents the Executive branch,( or king, dictator, despot, president, etc.), while the 9th House is traditionally the place of the Judicial Branch of government.

Okay, next let’s factor into this equation the fact that the eclipse takes place in the sign of Leo, which is of course symbolized by the Lion, and is related to all things of leadership, Kings and Cabbages and so forth.  Then, adding a third factor in the equation, we note that the star Regulus is directly, exactly, the point in the sky where the eclipse occurs.  Regulus and Leo could be twins in their nature.  So, a kind of double-whammy of the Kingly thing.

Well,  it all adds up, without argument that all branches of our government will be tested by events related to this eclipse.  As I watch what is happening on the Gulf Coast, Houston and the area around it, this hurricane will be a major test of the  U.S. government and all the people of this nation.  The Charlottesville riot by itself does not of course threaten the life of the nation like the hurricane but does reveal a much more insidious threat, like a worm eating away at the spiritual fabric, of the nation,  of the people: eventually  it will destroy as certainly as a hurricane if it is not stopped by conscious action by all the people of goodwill.

In the chart Saturn is rising in the 1st House and square to the MC 20 Virgo 35.  Here is another indicator of the present challenge to our viability government.  The Sabian Symbol of the 21st degree of Virgo is: A girl’s basketball team. What does a bunch of girls, or guys, of a team have to do to be successful?  They have to play together.  A team is a cooperative activity, the desire to ‘showboat’, ‘grandstand ‘or ‘do your own thing”, can not be allowed to happen.  Unfortunately our Leader-in Chief, does not understand this basic thing about teams or democratic governance.

Another configuration I find interesting in this chart is the exact semi-square of Neptune to Uranus, and the exact trine of it with the eclipse.  Neptune is opposing Mercury from the 4th House.  This semi-square of Uranus and Neptune is what could be described as the “opening salvo”, the initial crisis of what was “seeded” at the epochal conjunction of the two planets that occurred in Capricorn. The conjunction was in one degree orb at 19 -21 Capricorn from April 1992 to January 1994.  The Uranus, Neptune cycle is approximately 172years.

Richard Tarnas writes in Cosmos and Psyche about the nature of Uranus and Neptune.  He writes that this cycle correlates with the emergence of utopian social visions and movements …that connects Uranus’s Promethean impulse towards  creative experiment and innovation  freedom and rebellion against the status quo with Neptune’s idealism, hope, spiritual inspiration, “the dissolving of conventional boundaries and structures and the imagination of a perfect harmony and unity to be realized  in the human community.”

This passage by Mr. Tarnas may have put the finger directly on the root of the social distress today.  People are seeking, desire a better world, a better life, but there is no consensus as to what that world should look like or how to get there.  Mr. Trump, is the expression, shall I say a negative expression, of this Uranus impulse for freedom and rebellion.  He is, I believe karmically placed here and now as a catalyst for change.  He, I don’t think is at all conscious of his role.  He is an actor reading a script written by someone else, playing his part in the drama. 

Two Bi-Wheel Charts to think about………

FortSumter Solar Eclipse

     Bi Wheel with Fort Sumter, inner, and the Solar Eclipse, outer

I won’t go into detail about this chart, you can do that at your leisure.  There are many connections among the planets as you can see.   One feature that really stands out ot me is the exact conjunction of Pluto with the North Node of the Fort Sumter chart.  The North Node is the most dynamic point in a chart, it most certainly symbolizes the ”point of destiny’, or one could say “the reason for it all”.  Pluto is the archetype of ‘power’ in the chart, hence we see here an intersection of “destiny with power” occurring at this time and place.

Also we see Uranus opposing Jupiter of the eclipse chart conjunct the Fort Sumter sun, forming a T Cross with Pluto, NNode.   The eclipse itself falls in the 6th House, conjunct the Fort Sumter Saturn.  This highlights the 6th, the place of illness and maladjustment, the place of work, and service.  What can we take from this?  Perhaps it means that now is the time to get busy with “working on the illness that caused the Civil War”.  It means that that illness of racism has only been somewhat dormant, in partial remission, now it is re-emerging.


USA Eclipse

                             A Bi-Wheel of the USA, and Eclipse

Here again in this b-wheel we see plenty of aspect connections between the planets of the two charts.  Saturn, as it rises is triggering the Mars square Neptune in the USA chart, and the eclipse Neptune is conjunct the 4th House applying to an opposition with the USA Neptune.  I think this could be interpreted as a signature of Hurricane Harvey, as the 4th House represents the “real estate” of the nation and “the people” as a whole, are “under water” of Neptune.

I close with a prayer for all the people and living beings in the Gulf Coast area that are so terribly impacted by the hurricane;  may they all be sustained and survive this disaster.   The only ray of light I see in this is that it, like every national disaster, is an opportunity for people to come together, put aside their differences, to help and work, and care for each other,  together.



  1. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Excellent analysis. But I am reluctant to accept that Mr. Trump is entirely unaware of his role. I would say that he is at least as aware as many who think they are “aware” but really are not. Change is afoot; I completely agree with that. But I think that the Universe is holding its cards closer to the vest than many realize. And, there is the upcoming eclipse of 2024 to consider….

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    • I remember the old radio program -The Inner Sanctum” and the unforgettable intro: “What evil lurks in the heart of man, the Shadow knows” (or something like that). We can only guess with only a few clues what really motivates another person, DJT included. From my limited observation of the man he has a very narrow perspective, a natural transnational approach to life and relationships. So I don’t think he registers much beyond his immediate desires. He is of course aware, but how much ‘sinks in’? He has an amazing synastry with the USA chart. How could that be? There is clearly a lot more going on here than we mortals can grok. This is a primary reason why I said what I said, but what do I know……………..Many thanks for the thoughtful comment………

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      • P.S. there is a grievous TYPO in my reply (above) I wrote, accidentally mind you, the word ‘transnational”, I meant to write ‘transactional”, lord, a world of difference in those two words…..

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      • He is the midwife to the (re-)birth of our newly transformed nation. By the way, I mostly agree with your analysis, so these sticking points are very minor. Your analysis is one of the closest, if not THE closet, to my own. But, again, perfect awareness is not necessary.
        I knew a transformation to the Internet was coming circa 2006. I thought it would be something like Although I was wrong, I was closer than the majority who thought it all would be “business as usual.” The transformation I anticipated resulted in Facebook / Twitter. We are not all aware, and likely few or none of us are completely aware of the process. If we were, we would probably interfere with it. Similarly, what is coming in 2020 / 2024 is big. It will involve data science / artificial intelligence / driverless cars / drone delivery / bullet trains and people moving back into “small town America” by choice to live. Remote and asynchronous work will become much more common as more and more people flee the cities. The cities will become more plural (more minorities and immigrants), but this will not necessarily be benevolent the way the “left” believes. Left and right as we know it will change, too. The “right” has problems (serious problems), but the problems with the left are more serious. Terrorist groups like Antifa demonstrate that. Marxist regimes have never worked; they have always failed throughout history. Marxism is the one thing that can destroy us. But, we have a chance. We will have to pull together and we will have to work. And while we do need safety nets for the elderly and disabled, the time is at hand to have a rebirth in small business (if that is possible). Where we go remains to be seen, but those are just my thoughts. (Then, again, I did not quite get Facebook / Twitter though I knew a big change like that was coming. This will be similar but much larger. The IoT will be at the center of it.) But, again, I think we mostly agree in our analysis. *BIG* changes are coming.

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      • Hello Grandtrines – Yes we, the people near the top of the economic food-chain, have seen spectacular technological innovations over the last three of decades. The Uranus,Neptune conjunction,( the first direct hit, April 1992, and in 10 degree orb until end of 1999) correlated exactly with the most breath-taking phase of this. You may well have been on top of some of these things, and saw them coming. That is good, however I will pose this question to you ;”What is the point of it”. Is it to create an almost purely artificial environment where we humans will have nothing much to do but play games on our virtual reality devices, or in other similar distractions that we can entertain ourselves with?

        The deeper question is of course, “What is the purpose of human life on this planet? If, scientism is correct them there is no purpose at all, and so we are free to eat, drink and enjoy. The down side of this is that the planet is now on its last legs because of the abuse it has taken from the unbridled exploitation of the earth’s resources as we slavishly followed the scientism world-view. So the eat drink and merry attitude is about to come to a halt.

        I have a ‘spiritual perspective’ on the question. I believe that human life has a role within the ecology of the planet and the universe, most of which is obscure but a significant aspect is the transformation of consciousness to higher levels. It is said that very electronic invention/device is essentially an extension of the human nervous system. And further that the human nervous system potentially has the capability to perform the same functions as any electronic artifact. What are the implications of this? To me, it suggests that if there are not comparable developments/expansions of human consciousness to match the flow of the introduction of new electronics then the human race is in grave danger of suffering extinction at the hands of its inventions.

        Bill Joy published a profound article on this subject , “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”, in WIRED magazine, April 2000. I have the article if you can’t locate it. Of course, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is also prescient depiction of the myth of scientism ( that humanity must dominate life). It is very interesting that a Uranus, Neptune conjunction was forming in late Sagittarius in 1814 when Mary penned her prophetic piece. This Uranus, Neptune conjunction, exact in January 1820 was the conjunction prior to conjunction of the 1990s. And interesting connection…..

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      • By the way, when you zoom out to a planet wide level, virtually everyone in the U.S. (even those below the ‘poverty line’) are at the “top of the foodchain.’ Also, which devices do you refer to? Smartphones by any chance?


      • I was speaking more generally of what we call ‘cyberspace’, smartphones of course are one piece of it – as when we are interfacing with a ‘screen’, ‘virtual reality devices, etc, These technologies use cyberspace to ‘represent actual physical space’, the representation is totally seductive, it seems actual but it isn’t, with the result that it separates the person, the user, from his natural bioenergies, body awareness, self awareness. So what’s the problem, you might say? A ‘clear and present danger’ is that people, especially children, become addicted to the world presented on the screens, It is not ‘natural’. The human race evolved over the eons ‘interfacing’ with Reality, messy reality. The Cyberworld’ is an artificial world, that can be controlled the real world can’t be. The result is a degree of psychological separation of the self from the world. This separation is exactly what all schools of spiritual development seek to bridge. to harmonize the inner and the outer, to bring body/mind into unity. Electron/computer technology has opened a new world to us, that has obviously brought marvelous benefits to us, but as with any great gift there is a dark side, an aspect that emerges when the user is not aware of what he is doing, what he is dealing with.

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  2. Awesome read here!!!

    Ironic that you mention that the path of the eclipse could be symbolic for just how divided this country is, because as I saw the path explained, that’s what I thought about as well. Almost as if to state that we are no longer a United States. When you state that, “this powerful eclipse is a clear signal from the divine that humanity, particularly Americans, must rise above this current state of divisiveness and come together, and work together for the ‘greater good, the ‘common good”, I believe this based on the presented chart as well. With Jupiter being in the 11th house, Saturn being in the 1st house and the stellium in the 9th house, I can definitely read the divine behind the issues at hand. Thank goodness for Saturn in the first house, as it will tear down whatever is not working, in order to make things right (right being defined by what the Constitution defines as right). This analysis sounds right on point. I do have a question though. For what it is America was created for (a chart representing the Constitution of Rights/Declaration of Independence or complete desegregation of states), there is obviously a depiction or story to be told. However, though astrology we can see where we fall short, heed warnings, and as you stated in this article, come together; especially seeing how-as we are supposed to be a United Front. If you were to create a specialized yet realistic chart with planets in certain houses to depict more of a “United” States, how far off would we as Americans be from that? For example, some astrologists use a type of therapy (if you will) while reading personal charts (counseling), and tell their clients (something like) act as if the Sun and Venus are in your first house if they are having confidence issues giving them advice on what this aspect would mean to the native. Or someone with social “issues” may be advised to act as if their Sun is in Libra, explaining what that native would be like.

    So, this being stated, are you able to realistically create a chart by using the date this “great division” peaked, and tell us when we all will be more in unison?


    • What an insightful post. You certainly do bring many issues to the table! As for the unifying of America, I do not see that happening in the near future — the division has been going on for a while, that is not news, what is news is that more and more people are becoming aware of the situation. I do believe that awareness (the opposition aspect) is the key for ultimate closure, so we may have to grin and bear it as the rest of the herd catches up before we can come back together. Or are you seeing/sensing something else?


      • What I sense is that ‘the situation’ is chaotic, unpredictable, at a state of ‘critical mass’, so to speak, that is ‘pregnant with possibilities’, with outlooks equally good and bad. The underlying human ‘collective spirit’ is positive, I believe, but under a severe test of its quality and character. Mr. Trump’s role in this , in my opinion, is merely as an ‘unconscious’ ‘catalytic agent – he is an element added to accelerate the process, to its unpredictable conclusion.

        I think a primary astrological ‘benchmark’ that we can use to put what is unfolding in some perspective is the epochal Uranus & Neptune conjunction, exact from April 1992 to October 1993 at the 19th & 20th degrees of Capricorn. Pluto began its transit these degrees in the spring of 2016 – what was happening them? Of course the crazy election campaign season. Pluto reached the 19th degree of Capricorn, on February 2, 2017, just 13 days after the inauguration of DJT.

        Pluto (the transformer) at this critical degree of Capricorn ( governmental structure, authority figures) suggests the present state of affairs of flux, dissention, instability within our government and governments around the globe – the break-down of governance, mass killing, massed forced migrations of people into other countries, etc.

        Pluto enters Aquarius early 2024 which should mark a significant turning point in the world crisis. Coincident with this it will be Pluto’s trine with Uranus which will be moving into Gemini, with a Saturn, Neptune conjunction at the mid-pint of this trine on the 1st degree of Aries. This is an extraordinarily positive configuration! Also, we should take into consideration the 240 year ‘Mutation Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn which will be entering the Air Mutation December 21, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction at the 1st degree of Aquarius.

        The astrological outlook, if we can hold together for another 6 or 7 years holds wonderful potential!


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