This week in Providence RI – August 28 – Sept 4

This week we visit Providence, Rhode Island — the only state other than Nevada where prostitution is legal.
PROVIDENCE, capital of Rhode Island, U.S.A., it is also the county-seat of Providence county.  It is situated at the head of Providence river on the N. arm of Narragansett Bay and at the influx of the Seekonk (or Blackstone), Moshassuck and Woonasquatucket rivers, and about 35 m. from the Atlantic ocean.  It is  45 m. by rail S.S.W.of Boston, and 188 m. E.N.E. of New York.
In 1890 its population was 132,146, a hundred years later that was 750,000.  It’s major companies have been A. T. Cross Pen Company, Gorham Silver Company, Brown University –– founded by Baptists in 1764 — Rhode Island Institute for the Deaf (1876)  Rhode School of Design (1877).

august 28 2017The chart was created with Equal Houses via the entry level ($65.00) WinStar.  Not all the asteroids mentioned are shown on the map because WinStar Beginner is used and it has a limited set.
Sunday August 27, 2017
  1. Jupiter sextile Saturn 8:15AM EDT,
  2. Mercury trine Astraea 9:56AM EDT,
  3. Sedna stations retrograde 2:37PM EDT,
  4. Mercury trine Juno 9:37PM EDT
    1. and trine Hygeia 11:55PM EDT
Monday August 28, 2017
  • Venus quincunx Hygeia 5:55AM EDT
    •  and quincunx Juno 7:21AM EDT,
  • Mars enters sidereal Leo 8:17AM EDT,
  • Mercury contra-parallel Zeus 10:25AM EDT,
  • Venus quincunx Astraea 4:36PM EDT,
  • sun contra-parallel Juno 7:06PM EDT

Tuesday August 29, 2017

  • Mercury contra-parallel Jupiter 00:42AM EDT
    •  and conjunct Transpluto 6:17AM EDT,
    • Mercury parallel Sedna 9:16PM EDT

Wednesday August 30, 2017

  • Mercury enters tropical Leo 00:06AM EDT
    •  and sextile Apollon 3:59AM EDT,
  • Mercury square Admetos 6:51AM EDT,
  • Admetos stations retrograde 8:53AM EDT,
  • sun sextile Hades 10:12AM EDT,
  • Mercury parallel Vesta 11:02AM EDT,
  • Mars trine Cupido 12:21PM EDT,
  • Mars contra-parallel South Node


Thursday August 31, 2017

  • Mars square Sedna 3:47AM EDT,

  • sun parallel Mercury 6:40AM EDT,
  • Saturn square Vesta 11:06AM EDT
  • and quincunx Ceres 11:26AM EDT,

  • Jupiter parallel Neptune 10:23PM EDT


Friday September 1, 2017

  • Mars quincunx Chiron 2:02AM EDT,
  • Jupiter contra-parallel Vesta 8:22PM EDT

Saturday September 2, 2017

  • Neptune contra-parallel Vesta 2:53AM EDT,
  • sun parallel Sedna 5:06AM EDT,
  • Mars trine Uranus 8:13AM EDT,
  • sun contra-parallel Jupiter 12:29PM EDT,
  • sun contra-parallel Neptune 6:34PM EDT
    •  and contra-parallel Pallas 9:24PM EDT

Sunday September 3, 2017

  1. Neptune parallel Pallas 1:50AM EDT,
  2. Mercury conjunct Mars 5:37AM EDT,
  3. sun sextile Kronos 7:22AM EDT
    1. and square Selene 9:25AM EDT,
  4. Mercury contra-parallel Juno 12:23PM EDT,
  5. sun parallel Vesta 12:46PM EDT,
  6. Jupiter parallel Pallas 6:57PM EDT

The FOUNDING of Providence

Providence was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, an exile from Massachusetts, and its early history is closely bound up with the early history of Rhode Island, it being one of the four towns out of which this commonwealth was formed. Having agreed with Canonicus and Miantonomo, the Narraganset sachems, for the purchase of a considerable tract of land, Williams built his house about 50 ft. east of what is now North Main Street and nearly opposite the confluence of the Moshassuck and Woonasquatucket rivers, and he named the place Providence in recognition of his divine guidance hither.

He and a few companions who had accompanied him into exile immediately established a town government with monthly town meetings, and in the next year, 1637, after the arrival of a few more settlers, a plantation covenant was adopted which laid the basis of the future commonwealth on a new principle the complete separation of religious and civil affairs. In 1644 Williams secured a charter uniting Providence, Aquidneck (Portsmouth), and Newport, as “The Incorporation of Providence Plantations in the Narraganset Bay in New England “; these three towns (and Warwick) organized in Providence in May 1647 under this government.

The charter of the 24th of November 1663, to the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, perpetuated the name Providence Plantations, which still remains a part of the legal title of the state.

Providence was incorporated as a town by the Colonial Assembly in 1649; in 1730-1731, when the area of Providence was 370 sq. m., Scituate (including Foster), Glocester (including Burrillville), and Smithfield (including North Smithfield and Lincoln) were set off; in the next thirty years the area of the township was reduced to 5 sq. m. by the separation of Cranston, Johnston and North Providence, parts of which have been re-annexed since 1860. Providence was chartered as a in 1832.

During King Philip’s War, in 1676, the town was attacked by Indians and the northern half was burned. In June 1772, a British schooner, the Gaspee ovidence packet-boat ran aground at what has since becomeknown as Gaspee Point, whereupon its capture was planned by John Brown (1736-1828), a Providence merchant, and the plan unhiding the burning of the vessel was carried out under the hand of Abraham Whipple (1733-1819).

During the War of Independence, much privateering was carried on from Providence. The British occupation of Newport caused the transfer of the important foreign commerce  to Providence, but as a consequence of railway facilities most of this went to New York and Boston before the middle of the century.

In September 1815 Providence was visited by a gale which did about $1,000,000 damage to its shipping and other property, and by 1830 Providence had ceased to be  great port and turned textile manufacturing.

Until 1900 Providence was one of the two capitals of the state, Newport being the other; since 1900 it has been the sole capital.