#615 The First Lady of Radio: Mary Margaret McBride

Mary Margaret McBride was born a Missouri farmers daughter in 1899. Her earliest education was “disorganized” because the family often relocated, but she entered a preparatory academy at the age of six and at 16 entered the University of Missouri. She earned her journalism degree by the age of 19.

McBride enjoyed reasonable success as a “girl journalist” with the Cleveland Press and later the New York Evening Mail. For a time, she did quite well contributing freelance pieces to periodicals, but when the Depression hit she was one of hundreds of writers who found themselves unemployed. In her mid-thirties with her career essentially over, she went for a radio audition and stayed on the air for the next forty years.

Marc Edmund Jones called her chart a “see-saw,”  and from the planet perspective, it is equally split from North to South and East and West.  Ms. McBride was a very balanced woman who could roll with the punches and always stay level-headed.  It was no doubt, a winning hand.

Her ascendant is opposite Mars in her sixth house showing her knack for metal and radio waves, as well as indomitable work spirit.  This opposition creates a T-Square to the Midheaven in Cancer hinting at her warm effusive interviewing style.  You can listen to her interview actress Carol Landis here, who is #543 in the Jones 1000 btw.  And her Musical Director was Paul Whiteman, # 965.

Her see-saw is definitely an odd shape, but oppositions, while nice, are not required for this temperament type, the most common of them all, and actually looks like she took a 90-degree turn in her life and found success when she went from print in the Cleveland Press to WOR-radio in New York City.

She died at 76 years of age in West Shokan, Ulster County, New York about 22 miles west of Kingston on the NYS Thruway in the Catskills.