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This was a very interesting piece of research which I have been mulling over for a few days that does raise a few questions, in particular, the challenge of understanding  how the incarnating soul ‘meshes’ with the planetary configurations ( the horoscope) at the moment of birth, and what happens after that to the person.   Alan Leo, often referred to as ‘the father of modern astrology’, attempted to answer this conundrum by saying that “the stars impel but don’t compel”.  This assertion, however, seems more like a platitude that a real answer to the question.  Every astrologer in their practice has the problem of distinguishing as best they can the factors of social ‘conditioning’ from those related to innate being/soul, that is, to reveal those things that can/could be changed from those that can’t.  A leopard cannot change its spots, but it can change where it lives and what it eats.

Professional Astrology IV – Cosmic Factors

Marc Jones in this lesson set, page 7, addresses this problem, writing: “To the average student the distinctions that have so far been made are apt, unfortunately, to be little more than words: so that it is necessary to make clear the exact and true nature of man’s existence as a social being.  Analysis of his real or inner self follows in the “fourteen points”, but this is expressed in and thorough his social being, after all, so that the transient or temporary and superficial nature of man paradoxically becomes of the greater importance.  Socially man is only a conditioned animal.  Spirit, higher self, eternal being – all can be manifest only through this ‘conditioned’ being…”

DJT’s personality scores according to Parisian Aureas

This said I want to look at Trump’s personality scores that the Parisian Aureas software spit out to see  how well these numbers seem to correlate with the Trump personality we observe.  And then we might also speculate on what is  the true nature of the ‘inner Trump’.

To rephrase this in spiritual terms Plato, I believe it was, had a fundamental instruction to his student’s to “know thyself”.  When one begins to uncover the strata of themselves, two selves begin into emerge into the light of consciousness – a false self, and a true self.  The false self is this ‘conditioned self’.  The psychological testing that comes out of such programs as this one can at best reveal only the ‘conditioned self’, and so the true self remains itself hidden for the most part, and only revealed ‘darkly’ through the behavior of what we see in the outward man.

The Parisian Aureas profile is comprised of 25 points described as personality skills.  Two sets of numbers were computed, one for an ascendant of 20 Leo the other for an ascendant of 29 Leo, with the objective of determining which seems to best ascendant for DJT.  The majority of the scoring seems to jive reasonably well with my perception of DJT’s behavior.  The following are several traits/skills which seem to me to be either too low or high.

Point 3: Psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature-  177/181; (150+ are high values), so 177 I consider too high for what this trait/skill seems to be evaluating.  DJT seems much too self-absorbed to have the capability of abstract, objective thought necessary to relate to these subjects.  Yes, he is instinctive and judges others by his gut reactions, but I don’t think is what is being measured here.

Point 6: Augmentative and aggressive speech – 32/36.  These scores are really outrageously off the mark.  DJT has made his mark, his name, his brand, won the POTUS through aggressive speech.  Listen to just a few minutes of his campaign speeches and you will find numerous outbursts of aggressive speech, like “lock her up” – “I’d like to hit that guy in the face”- “Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her…” – , “Mika has blood coming out of her face…”  or on any morning check in on the TV news and listen to the Tweets he has put out during the night, most of which consist of threats and hostile name calling against anyone he happens to be peeved at for things said during the previous day. ( He watches about 5 hours of TV news a day, so he is very aware of what is being said about him)

Point 11: Child like exuberance…154.  This one is right on I would agree, but perhaps a bit too low.  My perception of DJT is that he behaves like a 19 year old trapped in a 71 year old man’s body..  For more on this check out our Sabian Earth article on Trump and the Puer Aeternus .

Point 12: Impatience, tendency to anger, aggressiveness – 92/90.  The ‘normal/average range’ is 75 – 125.  This measurement is also way off the mark in my opinion. The very low end of course.  How do I justify this?  Well, think about it, what is probably the DJT’s most troubling behavior for his  family and staff?  Hummm.   You don’t have to think very long do you?  It is his addiction for Tweeting!  How many of ‘his people’ have said that “if we could only stop him from Tweeting”.  His poor wife has said this many times.  Why do you think he is Tweeting at 3 AM?  Why can’t he wait to a ‘reasonable hour’ when other people are out engaged in daily life?  It is his feelings anger and impatience that have gotten the better of him and he can’t control them.  He feels that he has to ‘get even’.

Point 19: Need to be part of an organization, company, or club, make contribution to a group  – 171/229.  This trait/skill implies an organizational ability, and a capacity to put aside one’s ego for the good of the group, and also an ability to facilitate cooperation among the members, and indeed, inspire group harmony and the desire to achieve a goal.  There has been absolutely no evidence of this happening in the White House so far.  Read the daily news coming out of that place.  The place is in chaos.  Staffers are retaining personal lawyers to try to protect themselves ‘when it all comes down’. DJT and his staff should be quite honestly admonished to “Get your stories straight”.  And, then there are numerous stories about the power struggles among the various personal factions in the WH, particularly the Bonnon group and the Jared group.   DJT in his business ventures has always ‘flown by the seat of his pants’, with no Board or organization structure to answer too. He mistakenly thinks that he can run the Presidency the same way.  He is discovering the hard way that he can’t.  This score is too high, in my opinion.

Point 20: Need for recognition and attention, status...152/229.  This score is right on.  DJT is a magnet, a sponge for attention.  Praise and attention, even negative attention will make his day.

Point 21: independence…156/138.  Seems accurate.

Point 25: Sense of duty, obligation, conscience, guilt...238/118.  The 118 number may be correct, but I don’t see these traits in him beyond the normal/average range.  Why do I say this?  Anyone of us can he judged on how much of their life is spent in efforts and activities for personal gain and how much devoted to public service and helping others.  This, to me, is what this category measures.  I ask anyone to show me any evidence of DJT’s public/social justice activity or interest.  All I have seen is his obsession with promoting his ‘brand’, and money.

Some kind of Summary…

Well I had two points I wanted to get across in this little essay, one, that computerized astrological interpretive programs leave a lot to be desired, and this one does too, in my opinion, and secondly, it gave me a opportunity to ‘get on my high horse’ regarding DJT.

Is it premature, too alarmist, to invoke the specter of Yeat’s poem The Second Coming, at this point in time in our national history?

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity

The feeling that something has gone wrong, that something is missing is arguably widespread today I believe.  There are many different opinions of the cause of this and what the proper remedy should be, of course.  What is the source and nature of the anarchy loosed upon the world?

Switched at birth, a possible explanation…..

My wife loves the Netflix series Switched at Birth.  I watched several of the first series, and thought it was entertaining and well written. The basic story line is that two newborn girls were accidentally switched at birth at the hospital.  Later on, during their teen years one of them feels that she is ‘different’ from the other family members and requests a DNA test, and things begin to unravel and change dramatically from that point.

This scenario started me thinking about how this plot line might begin to explain of the Trump Phenomena, which is, of course, how did this guy get elected.  Hummmm.  Remember the Myth of Er in Plato’s Republic?  The question popped in my mind this morning.   Yes, as I recall vaguely, the basic story line takes place in the land of the dead.  Er is one of the souls that are lined up  in rows waiting to be  given a lottery ticket and choose their next life.

What follows is that each soul, in the order of their lottery number has to choose his or her next life, where and when they will reincarnate.  What if, I am thinking, the ‘real DJT’ while he is waiting patiently and politely in line to choose his next life which would lead him to fame and fortune and POTUS, has his winning ticket rudely jerked from his warm hand by a evil soul.   (This whole evil plan could have been hatched by The Dark Lord who wants to cause chaos in America, for some unknown reason).  The rest of this story is obvious.  The evil soul cashes in the real DJT’s lottery ticket and gets his Lot in Life, ( his Horoscope) and so on……

BTW, I, your writer of this little essay, is Eugene, not Mo.  Have a nice day….



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